Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): the Ukrainian elite, the farmers, are not capable of building and reform

Lack of independence and the need for patron — the key characteristics of our leaders, that 400 years ago, now.

The society, which is dominated by a peasant mentality, can only be exactly the same elite, i.e. a peasant.

All of our presidents were men of provincial consciousness. The political villagers were Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Poroshenko. Pronounced peasant mentality and the current management has a couple of Ermak-Zelensky.

For the political behavior of the Ukrainian elite, as well as for society as a whole inherent in such generic traits as:

  • irresponsibility;
  • suspicion, distrust to the nation and especially to foreigners;
  • favourable attitude to the lies and theft;
  • ignorance;
  • stubbornness and stupidity.

But most importantly, it is the inability to strategic planning and, as a consequence, the lack of independence and the need for patron.

These fundamental features of the Ukrainian elite was formed over centuries and they all one way or another due to the rural perception of life. Like a hundred years ago, and now, our political elite are like children, well, high, teenagers who beg for money from her parents to the disco.

For the peasant mentality is typical of the eternal search of the Owner, the Patron, because the peasants of their own consciousness man is inwardly unfree and freedom for the farmer in General is not the category for which you have to fight. Strong Host-much better than any of Freedom. Immediately say, that is not to be confused with the struggle for a new Owner with the struggle for Freedom.

For this reason, the struggle of the Ukrainian elite for their independence in fact has always boiled down to a simple transition to another patron. But she wasn’t trying to really “fight for” an independent state. Bohdan Khmelnytsky was extended to Ukraine from Poland, but immediately gave the Mother of the Russian Tsar. Mazeppa, and before him other Hetman, tried to make the transition back from Russia to Poland.

After the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Central Rada signed first colonial Treaty with Germany. After Germany’s defeat in world war 1 and the loss of curator, Petliura gave Paludzka Volhynia and Galicia and, utterly entangled, fled into exile. When the Bolsheviks came, the Ukrainian elite failed to consolidate and dutifully accepted the new regime by ordering SV-coupe in Moscow.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the history has largely been repeated. First, the Ukrainian elite went the habit of the instructions to Moscow, received gas at $50 and then did, in my opinion, impulsive and ill-considered attempt to escape from the Russian embrace, to pass under the patronage of the West, and primarily the United States. There was a collapse of economy, loss of territory, the situation close to default without any apparent compensation.

Ukrainian peasant elite feels comfortable only in the condition that it has over a patron, who, in fact, assumes all responsibility for the Ukraine and that takes all the important decisions in its foreign and domestic policy.

So it was 350-400 years. And without such a patron of the Ukrainian elite looks like a turtle without its shell, a hedgehog without needles. She just doesn’t know WHAT to do and has no motivation to do anything without a protector.

Our elite only in words that they would like independence from the West, in reality it is more scared of this independence, because he understands that it is incapable of independent effective control of the country.

Now the Ukrainian government is confused and does not understand what is happening. The essence of the moment — the West’s reluctance to fulfill its protective function: trump, it seems, saw in the coffin of Ukraine and spoke about it in the spirit that the entire Ukrainian elite is totally rotted by corruption and the country is almost hopeless. Europe has no longer any force to take the patronage over Ukraine: EU and so bursting at the seams and it is unclear whether he will be released in its current form, from the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Therefore, our government is terrified. She absolutely is not able to respond for the situation in the country is not ready and does not want to take responsible decisions about the future of the country.

She doesn’t know WHAT to say to my congregation. And most importantly, how to learn to speak the truth, and not to draw pink pictures that everyone is fed up.

So now our government became hysterical, as a small child, which requires parents still rolled him in a wheelchair, and not forced to walk with their legs. He yells, cries, lies on the ground and frighten his parents, rolling his eyes. Zelensky wrote tearful letters to the Western press, scares the West Ukrainian default and a conflict with Russia if it does not continue to roll on a carriage; he yells, screams and cries, he rolls his eyes and prepared to feign death. It requires protection and is ready to fulfill all the requirements of the IMF, but would not lose the patronage of the West. “I’m an idiot, get me a hammer, or knock his eye”

The West is also confused. He realized that all his attempts to reform Ukraine hopeless, because they rest in the peasant mentality that the West is powerless to change either 10 or 100 years. On the other hand, the United States understand that if they refuse the role of supervisor and sponsor of the Ukraine, our elite sooner or later will return to his former patron. It is inevitable, just because otherwise she can’t.

The one who seriously believed that after the Euromaidan, Ukraine has finally and irrevocably chose the Western path, very naive, poorly understood things.

The Ukrainian elite will immediately change its geopolitical orientation, as the West cannot or does not want to fulfill their protective function. And at the same time claim that the West wanted a penny to buy resources of Ukraine, to destroy industry, to destroy a competitor and all that kind of crap. This is the peasant mentality of the Ukrainian elite.