TOP 10 most funny coubs 2016 (video)

By the end of 2016 at Coub has published the best videos. The site took about a hundred videos published and distributed in three categories: “Best coubs”, “Memes”, “Hidden gems. Videos presented on a variety of topics – from film fragments, just funny moments and unique failures to cause Umilenie animals and unexpected reactions of people.

1. A variation on the theme of Peter Parker and iconic spider-man

2. Funny baby running around in diapers

3. Catcher pokémon in Russia

4. Music Duo is a wind instrument and a chair

5. The incessant “Boo-Roo”

6. The film is over – the variation on the theme of the end of “Deadpool”

7. Children’s hockey joy, which you can stare

8. “The green mile” and Eminem – stunning combination

9. Little otter sleeping on its mother back. Mesmerizing moments of life

10. Well, where do without our little brothers, “Houston, we have a problem”