From the White sea to the Baltic: a journey of the pessimist and the optimist (Suomen Kuvalehti, Finland)

On the map it seems that from the White sea to St. Petersburg, standing on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, water no way. To pave this route, you need to be a real optimist — such as a graphic and book designer Christoffer Leka (Christoffer Leka). He managed to incite it with his spouse, artist and artist kaisu Leca (Kaisa Leka), the pessimist in their pair.

Wife of Leka and their two friends went on a journey of a Finnish commune Kemi eighth of June 2018. In the spring of 2020 English came out of their comic book “Russian diary” (Russian Diaries) on the journey.

If the wife of Leka listened to the warnings, the journey and would not take place.

“We were warned about three things. Someone warned about Russia. Smart and nice people said that there we your life path and finish. Of course, we were warned about the sea,” says Christoffer Leka.

The third warning was concerned with gateways. In the route of travellers, which is partially passed through the channels, there were about 20.

Wife of Leka in advance asked local fans of the kayak as possible to pass through the locks.

“We came up with a definite answer: through the locks on a kayak don’t go, don’t even think that was possible, it was a bad idea. But the final thought that we can handle. It is up to the end thought that we can pass on the oars. Are unable,” says Kaisa Leka.

Spouses are unable to agree in the opinion that if they managed to achieve their goal — to pass the seven weeks from the White to the Baltic sea.

“I believe that we have not achieved our goal, because of gateways we have not gone the entire route. Christoffer thinks that the goal is reached, because we are rowing so hard and “very small segment of the path travelled by car”,” says Kaisa Leka.

Once tourists got caught in a storm, but without loss. The main problem were the mosquitoes, horseflies and a strong desire to pee, although there is nowhere to be seen the shore to which you can stick on the kayak.

However, Christoffer and Kaisa — experienced tourists. In 2018 they received the award Sarjakuva-Finlandia for his book, “Imperfect” (Imperfect), which tells about their bike trip from the East to the West coast of America.

In the new book “Russian diary” (Russian Diaries) to journey, travel the same characters, the mouse and duck Kaisa Leka.

The basis for book four of the diary, in which Kaisa wrote down all the adventures. The final version of the book was the copy of the diaries, but it appeared only two years after the journey.

“I think more and more that books have a life of its own,” explains Kaisa Leka delay.

“Of course, the book could end very quickly, but I used to do everything pretty slowly, quietly, and my travels too slow and quiet,” continues Christoffer Leka.

In the books of the spouses Lecca feel the experience of tourists, artists and beauty. They swept a love for manual labor. Books are printed in Porvoo, the hometown of the couple. With artists you can meet and discuss different technical solutions in person.

“I like that the scale of the capitalist society our books are worth nothing,” — says Kaisa Leka.

Coronavirus spring made a trips fashion. Increases and the popularity of manual labor, Leka beloved spouses, their beloved Cycling has regained popularity a few years ago. This style of travel full of impressions and more not far behind in popularity from mass tourism.

“I look at it this way: a broken clock twice a day shows the correct time, says Kaisa Leka. We’re doing something really class, but then trends change, and for a moment we suddenly become cool.”

Christoffer Leka adds: “Students of art institutions are now fans of what we do. For us, it’s amazing”.