Espresso (Ukraine): card, money and guns. Zelensky what Ukraine reminds US of the bootleggers and the mafia

Investment group nannies of Vinnitsa is having a shootout with the same brovarskij “Mary Poppins” for the control of minibuses to Kiev. At the same time, the government is striding ahead of the rest and sights on a Minister of the cosmos. Surrealism suddenly crept up and absorbed the remnants of common sense.

The country desperately lacks clear thinking and at least intermediate results: who we are and where we are going. For the last week any adequate citizen felt setopacity times that the Ukrainian authorities as if the damage induced. But if there is no results in the economy and overcoming of social inequality, it is necessary to knock the government off course NATO and the EU. And poking around in the language issue, because those same “public Servants” in reality is a huge problem with the ratings in the South and East. And now, to get at least second or third place in the October elections, “servants” need to sweet-talk a drunken uncle Bob at the t-shirt, drunk and Alevtina Sergeevna — weaver, imported from Samara to manufacture half a century ago. The right to the protection of the Russian language in this case, the right not to teach anything. Not to improve their quality of life. And strongly contribute to under the auspices of protecting the Russian tanks of the Russian Federation stood on Osokorki.

Pain adds that to resist foreign occupation and to maintain law and order inside no one. And in some places, compared with 2014, the situation was covered with even more corrosion. Because the week started with the rape of a girl at the district police station Kaharlyk. Where it turned out, the re-evaluation of old cops cute cops were only on paper. And the Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said in General that the quality of the staff recruited in the police is low, because… in the villages of a very bad education and upbringing, and at a salary no one wants. Where do people take?

In fact Friday morning in Brovary, where five dozen men ran in a residential area with shotguns and hunting rifles, shows that in 20 kilometres from the centre of the capital, too, is already very sad with the presence of human qualities, safety and protection. And even more — what kind of reforms and the conquest of space and the billions of dollars of investment can be discussed, if the 1990s have returned in a most disgusting form. If the first mob at the dawn of independence has arranged a similar shooting in some abandoned buildings or in shelterbelts, the market of minibuses is now divided in broad daylight beneath the Windows of the civilian population.

All that will happen to government in the near future: at least in humanitarian policy, although exit from the control of criminals — it is the personal responsibility of Vladimir Zelensky. Because he is sure that he has the best team and the best solutions. And in fact withdrew from the government. It’s on autopilot Andrew Ermak and Sergei Trofimov — lucky adventurers of our time.

When Zelensky was still in candidate status of hard molded Ronald Reagan, stubbornly selling the mask of the strong man and progressive moderate patriot who had experience in show business. Although the same Reagan before the balloting had enormous political experience, and the film industry and the promotion for it was just ways of earnings and the extension of audience impact.

Year of his presidency and a complex of absolutely idiotic decisions to play populism with light cotton, to abandon European integration, to tolerate the criminals, because Arsen Avakov and supported by the first during the election, showed very clearly who really like Vladimir Zelensky among American presidents. This is the twenty-ninth Warren G. Harding, the representative of the Bohemian environment, which is not refused to poker and festivals, even during the short presidency. The presidency of Harding was remembered that entourage was just riddled with wide corruption. It was his Minister of internal resources albert fall, the first was caught for corruption and went to jail. It was the first lady during the “dry law” they held drunken parties at the White house, defeating the whole fight against alcoholism and bootlegging whiskey.

American biographers and historians are still studying the face of Harding, and there are obvious facts that the presidency of this person was possible because of collusion between bootleggers and powerful oil groups which divided influence over the deposits of Osage in Oklahoma. It took them a convenient head, which would be stupid to not interfere with the cut dollars.

America was able to endure the 1920s, because the country has a critical mass of people who advocated social equality and carrying out badly needed reforms. It was at this time beginning to work with the FBI in the country under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover — and so, finally, in 1933 US President was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who took the first hundred days to develop a plan for economic transformation since the great depression.

In peace in the smartphone war with the Russian Federation we have 10 years like the US 100 years ago, in search of his local Roosevelt. We can not stretch so long. While in our judicial system, the lawyers of Yanukovych and “Venediktov” instead of Hoover. But the ruling party instead of offer of economic reforms after the quarantine, the mouth of the Razumkov Dubinsky and promises Paradise in the Kherson region from the fact that there will be a green light to the Russian language and Russian world in all its manifestations then.

American prototype Zelensky — Warren G. Harding is still considered the most successful leader of the twentieth century United States. I had enough left quietly.

Now many are looking for simple recipes and populist decisions. They are not. Large nation born in agony. We are not special and should go well. This finally needs to include the brain and forget the button of “populism” and “our kid will decide for us.”