Good Russian, bad Russian

Alex Jones (Alex Jones) thick low growth a leading radio show, producer and Director of documentary films and the Internet star from Dallas in Texas, likes to yell. And presents their opinions as convincing as loud. He believes that the attacks in Oklahoma city and at the world trade center in fact is the US government. He claims that Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) leads from the pizza place illegal sex circle, said pictures moon landing fake and fears that the government, big industry and the UN jointly want to create a new world order, namely to use a specially advanced attacks to defeat the Americans in a panic. Jones, having his own advertising TV, but sometimes the speaker and the channel Russia Today, and this Sunday even gave an interview to NBC, there are millions of viewers, especially liberals and conservatives, right-wing radicals and Republicans, and one of those viewers is the U.S. President Donald trump.

Like Alex Jones, trump is interested in good relations with Russia. Vladimir Putin — along with Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanjahu) — virtually the only head of state, whom he had never offended. It turned out to trump the infamous raagacom. He is credited with, that he collaborated with Putin to defeat Hillary Clinton. Russian really tried to influence the election campaign in the United States. But does this trump, nobody knows. However, the President, who is a talker not worse than Jones, boasted during the election campaign that he hoped that the Russian will find those 30 thousand emails that Clinton gave on his private server. Whether rosegate is something real or is it just a conspiracy theory, mock the Democrats?

The change of paradigms in the United States

We’ll find out in future months. Much more interesting is the arising paradigm shift that has recently occurred in the United States. For many years, at least since the Vietnam war it was leftists and liberals who warned against the new world order and proximity between government and big industry. They thought it possible that the killing of JFK (John F. Kennedy) ordered the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon has hidden at a military base 51 in Nevada-the victims of the crashed UFO and that the U.S. media produce “fake news”. It was these left-wing icons of journalism as a reporter Watergate Carl Bernstein (Carl Bernstein), which revealed that the CIA filter press, USA.

When the President was George Bush (George W. Bush), the left suspected that the US government could blow up the world trade center in order to get a pretext to start a war in the middle East. Well, maybe not quite conservative by European standards the Democrats in offices and parliaments, but in any case independent, extra-parliamentary leftists in the universities, media and organizations. A series of “Acts X,” flirting backstage with the secret conspiracy of puppeteers with a British accent, the Zapruder film, Watergate, all this was left-wing myths, part of liberal pop culture, released into a world often facetiously or ironically, but still released.

Now it’s the Republicans who warned against the “Deep State”, a mysterious conspiracy of invisible forces in the apparatus of the NSA, FBI and CIA. Donald trump in Twitter asked a question, whether the father of Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while the liberals formally request that Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) and Julian Assange (Julian Assange) was arrested as traitors and calling for moral support “our boys” in the middle East. Oddly enough, besides the usual party in the United States, which is in power, maintains the existing state order, while the opposition is critical and distrustful. Now it’s the opposite. It looks like America during the Obama presidency, quietly turned into a bizarro world, like in the comics about Superman, when suddenly everything changes to the contrary.

A clear division of roles

The strangest phenomenon is an rashahat. However, US relations with Russia all the time developed a sort of wild, erratic zigzags. In the first world war, the U.S. was in solidarity with Russia and when the Bolsheviks came to power. After the war, the US quickly stepped back and deported those Russian agitators as Emma Goldman (Emma Goldman), so that later, during the second world war, once again to unite with Stalin, who liked the American population as “Uncle Joe.” Tanks did not have time to return home, like good Russians were bad. Broke out the cold war.

However, in this case a zigzag course was permanent: democratic presidents have welcomed the Russian and the Republicans tore a relationship with them. Democrat Woodrow Wilson (Woodrow Wilson) after the first world war insisted that the Soviet Union regained control of Ukraine. Democrat Franklin Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt) was eager to get the bloodbath at Katyn were classified at the conference in Yalta gave away East Europe to Stalin. But then when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Ethel und Julius Rosenberg) was in the electric chair, because they gave atomic secrets to Russian, then at the helm was Republican Dwight Eisenhower (Dwight D. Eisenhower). And it was Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan), who demanded that Mikhail Gorbachev tear down the Berlin wall.

Friend or foe

Trump is a Republican, but why he flirts with a former KGB Colonel and an admirer of Stalin and Putin? And why his voters and even applauded? Of course, Russia is no longer Communist, but that’s not it. Wilson was supported by Tsar Nicholas II. For Americans it is not important who in any country is now at the helm, to determine who is friend and who is foe.

The latter is felt Oliver stone (Oliver Stone), who became famous for his films “Good morning Vietnam” and “John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas”. Last week he performed in the evening show comedian Steffen Colbert (Stephen Colbert) to present their four-part thesedocuments about Putin. Stone used to be a star in the left-liberal environment, but now he was not only severely attacked by Colbert, but booed by the audience.

It is even conceivable that held a secret, giant, neo-liberal conspiracy that flatters us left the military and police state tabuserw conspiracy theories. But then you have to be a conspiracy theorist or a Republican. Or what is Donald trump.