Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): why the Maidan has not brought Ukraine closer to Europe

While the Ukrainian bourgeoisie will not cease to buy off the government, to negotiate or to steal with her, and not to go into power and change the rules of the game, it is not necessary to wait for change.

Neither the first nor the second Maidan has not brought Ukraine closer to Europe, a centimeter, neither in the political nor in economic, nor in social relationships. We are still separated by an abyss, and Europe in terror from the figures that we have stolen we have only one customs office.

On the contrary, an indirect result of both revolutions was:

  • the mass Exodus of Ukrainians abroad in search of salvation from poverty;
  • the degradation of the infrastructure;
  • the degradation of the health system;
  • in fact, sovereign default;
  • the last place in Europe in terms of life, etc.

Why did this happen? Does this kind of pattern? Can to change the situation following independence?

To answer these questions only if you learn one medical fact: Ukraine is a country with a peasant mentality.

The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians has land that is not used as a place of rest, as in the West, but as a utility farm business, which are injected in order to survive. In this sense, all the Ukrainian city is not the city, a large sprawling settlement with the peasant mentality of their inhabitants. Even in Kiev. That is actually 70-75% of the population possess peasants, not the urban (burgher) mentality. And the workers — and even depressive batrachium consciousness.

All of our independence by its very nature it raids on Kiev peasants mainly from the Western part of Ukraine. And these raids is not due to the demands of democracy, as we try to convince (the peasants do not understand WHAT democracy is, HOW it works and don’t feel it needs) and requirements of the movement towards its former metropolis.

It is known that all former colonies are always drawn to their cities after the liberation. Algeria extends to France, India to England, the Eastern part of Ukraine to Russia, Congo to Belgium, Tunisia — Italy, etc.

But, the problem, however, lies in the fact that the peasantry made not capable of political action — the maximum is to plant the beds on independence. Peasants have no political consciousness. They have economic interests, but they are not able to transform these interests into a political party, program, and predict their actions one day forward. Having seized power, the peasants don’t know what to do with it and then give it back to those from whom they took it. So, expelling Yanukovych, the peasants immediately gave Poroshenko’s government. The awl on the soap. And expelling Poroshenko, gave power to do some strange worthlessness! Purely peasant act: over-emotional, stupid and irresponsible.

No peasant revolution had never come to fruition. Peasant Maidana Western part of Ukraine is also not able to change the political system of Ukraine.

And what can they do? In principle, destroy the country, as the destructive potential in this kind of independence is often more than constructive.

Maidana is needed, but not radical peasant. To really change the political system towards democracy in the country is only small and medium businesses, i.e. emerging bourgeoisie, which alone is able to REALIZE their interests and are capable of long-term political planning with the aim of coming to power. The bourgeoisie can plan and selyanstvo no. But while our bourgeoisie prefers to negotiate with the government, to buy off her, to steal with her, and not to come into power and change the rules of the game. Therefore, we are still living in a feudal caste society and fantasize, together with the IMF, the European reforms.

Now you can answer all the above questions.