Germany refused to extradite Onishchenko to Ukraine: it became known cause

German judges are worried that in the Kiev prison is not good enough conditions for former MP

Detained in Germany, the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko was not allowed to extradite to Ukraine due to lack of guarantees from the Ukrainian side proper maintenance of a suspect in a Ukrainian prison.

This decision was made by the Higher regional court of Oldenburg, reports DW.

The judges doubted that the criminal case in Ukraine, a suspect in corruption schemes is politically motivated.

“There is a significant likelihood that in case of extradition Onishchenko fail to comply with minimum standards of international law regarding the conditions of detention in prison, including the European Convention on human rights. Therefore, extradition is inadmissible”, – stated in the decree of the court.

Onishchenko will be in a German jail, waiting extradition media

Before you discuss the issue of extradition, the German court asked the Ukrainian side with a request to provide a detailed description of the conditions in which Onishchenko will be detained in Kiev. The court noted that Kiev had informed them only in General terms, and that the Germans was not enough.

Making a decision, the judges took into account the report of the Council of Europe based on the results of the visit of the European experts in the Ukrainian prison in 2017-2018. Then the experts of the European Committee against torture noted the “inhuman conditions of detention, degrading their human dignity.”

In the result, the Higher regional court of Oldenburg was canceled and a warrant for the arrest Onishchenko.

Recall, NABOO and Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office exposed the organized criminal group which with assistance agreements with PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha” harmed the state more than $ 3 billion: 1.6 billion were received from the resale of gas intermediaries and withdrawn through bogus companies, and 1.3 billion – the unpaid amount of rent for the use of subsoil. The organizer of the corruption scheme, according to the NABU, is Alexander Onishchenko, in relation to which in February of this year, SAP sent the indictment to the court. In General, the investigation established the involvement in the “gas scheme” 29.

Himself a former lawmaker of all charges in his address denies. He believes that he launched another campaign to take over their business.