Borys Kolesnikov: the New draft Constitution should include equal rights for all regions of Ukraine

The Prime Minister of the Opposition government Borys Kolesnikov on air of TV channel “Ukraine” has told about how she sees the new draft Constitution of Ukraine.

“We need to simplify everything. The Central government should remain three main functions: defense, security and foreign policy. Everything else should be transferred to the village, district, city. The simpler the better. I believe that the President should take the liberty and responsibility to make a new draft Constitution, where all 25 regions of the Ukraine will be given equal rights. Everyone should be in equal conditions, which will contribute to the development of all regions of our country”, – said the politician.

According to him, effective form of government – parliamentary. “And the richest country of Europe, Germany is the best example of that,” – said Kolesnikov.

“I advocate the adoption of a new Constitution, which corresponds to the present day. The 1996 Constitution plus amendments to the Constitution of 2004 established a dual power in the country”, – says Boris Kolesnikov.