SSO — a new world fist of Russia

Vladimir Putin’s words indicate that special operations Forces are ready to defend Russia and its allies, including the Balkan, and it is clear: Moscow is ready to play at the highest level.

Last weekend for the second time had been released PAL. Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad again wrested the city from the hands of terrorists.

In December 2016, with the bulk of the government troops was thrown to the liberation of the largest stronghold of terrorists in Aleppo city, fighters of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) fled to Palmyra and stayed there for three months.


Still, the capture of Aleppo, the symbol of the struggle against Assad, it was more important and meant the final turning point in the Syrian conflict. Psychologically, this victory had the same effect as the victory at Stalingrad for the Germans.

Moscow is well aware that threats should be nipped in the Bud, to avoid repetition of the situation of the 1990-ies, when Russia stepped aside and ceded foreign policy initiative to others. But now in the protection of national interests for Moscow, there are no longer any borders.

Army within the army

Preparation for the new release of Palmyra lasted a month, but the fight lasted only eight hours. The whole operation took 24 hours. Once its power was demonstrated recently established special operations Forces (SSO), which played a major role in the first liberation of the city.

Russian and Syrian forces have used simple tactics. Knowing that the terrorists entrenched in the North of the city, Russian aircraft bombed the area, forcing the enemy to believe that a ground offensive will be conducted from this direction. However, the blow was from the South, from the desert, where the act of the members of the Russian special forces, dressed in the uniform sand color.

To escape from the attack of fighters of the MTR, which literally fell from the sky, fighters didn’t stand a chance. Assad’s army had only to finish the job and again to take the city under their control. Elite Russian forces have remained outside the focus of attention, but Moscow does not hide their presence in Syria, where they are in 2015.

CCO conducted a rapid reconnaissance and have put on the target aircraft, which causes accurate blows to the terrorists. “The operation was planned and directed it Russian military instructors. The most important contribution to the defeat of ISIS in the region of Palmyra, made by Russian aviation and the MTR,” — said the head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey rudskoy.

But what are actually the special operations Forces of the Russian General staff, the creation of which began exactly four years ago, Marta’s sixth of 2013? Why Russia, has long been known for their special forces, needed to create almost an army within the army that combines the best special forces?

Is it a coincidence that the SSO was formed in early 2013, and a year later played a key role in the return of Crimea to Russia? President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the participation of the SDF in the Crimean operation and the rescue of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in 2015, when all has long been finished…

On these units the public knew and spoke very little until 27 February this year, when Putin congratulated them on the Day of SSO. We are talking about grouping with unknown size and structure. The mystery remains and the name of her commander. What is known is that mtrs are subject to the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov. Special operations forces — a combination of enormous military experience, high-tech weapons and equipment. SSO is designed for diversionary and intelligence operations.

It is also known that the Kremlin is investing huge amounts of money in equipping and training these forces. The enemy intimidates the ability of the MTR to a landing from a great height (due to the use of oxygen masks), Arsenal high-tech weapons and military equipment which are developed exclusively for these forces.

According to experts, the MTR can make a landing at any time, anywhere on the planet. They suddenly appear where the enemy least expects them, and when he notices them — it’s too late. Mtrs — ideal “shock fist” of Russia, modeled after the American special units, but using the knowledge and technology that has long been famous for Russian.

Moscow does not hide that its purpose — the creation of the best special forces in the world that will independently solve tasks in the enemy rear, which previously required the entire division. About the number of fighters of the MTR was never mentioned, but by the end of the creation process, according to information in the composition of the SSO will be nine teams.

Heroes of Russia from the ranks of the SSO

MTR congratulating with the holiday, Putin said that their appearance was “another powerful and effective tool of protection of national interests”. “You where the hardest and the most complex, nonstandard situations proved that they are able to act fearlessly, decisively, and professionally,” said the President, urging to continue the capacity building of these units.

“SSO must be immediately prepared to perform the task in any region, to ensure the security of Russia and our allies, to repulse international terrorism and other threats,” Putin said.

Plans to create such a force existed in the days of the USSR, however, Gorbachev abandoned these plans, not wanting to anger the “Western friends”. Then the country collapsed and Russia had to solve more serious problems, relying on already-existing special units.

Since Putin came to power, the idea was revived, and the final decision was made in 2009 after the war in the Caucasus. It took another four years until it has created the necessary conditions for the formation and operation of the MTR. Only in 2013, when the preparation was completed, began recruiting departments. Training was carried out a thorough and long, so nothing was spontaneous.

By definition, the Russian defense Ministry, SDF — set the troops to “intelligence-diversionno, subversive, counter-terrorism, kontrdiversionnoy, counter-intelligence, guerrilla, counterinsurgency, and other operations”. A year ago, during the first capture of Palmyra, died fighter MTR Alexander Prokhorenko, which is a whole week hiding behind enemy lines and induces aircraft to the target. When he did, he caused the fire in order not to fall alive into the hands of terrorists. Putin posthumously awarded Prokhorenko highest state title, making a Hero of the Russian Federation.

But Prokhorenko not the only Hero in the ranks of the SSO. Although it is not officially confirmed, but not refuted during the Crimean events in 2014, these forces were commanded by Lieutenant Alex Dyumin. Some analysts see him as a possible successor to Putin after the election in 2024.

About it there is an incredible rumors that he Dyumin calls “only myths”. In particular, they say that he commanded the Russian soldiers in the night from 27 to 28 February 2014 when I was doing key administrative buildings and infrastructure in the Crimean capital of Simferopol and the power passed into the hands of Pro-Russian forces and the Ukrainian government was overthrown.

In March of the same year, Ukrainian soldiers and officers from the airfield Belbek surrendered Dyumin and his people, who came to this base on the black helicopter. Their arrival was especially scared that refused all radios and phones.

Prior to this, February 23, as they say, Dyumin saved Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Escaping from maydanskaya executioners, Yanukovych managed to get to the sea coast where it last minute caught up with military helicopters MTR and evacuated. Blinded by the headlights of the jeep his pursuers, Yanukovych probably already said goodbye to life, but, faced with Dyumin and his people in the form of a sand color, the pursuers had to retreat.

Myths or not, but after these events Dyumin was awarded the title hero of the Russian Federation, promoted to Colonel General and appointed Deputy Minister of defence, or rather the commander of the Land forces of the Russian Federation. In February 2016, Putin appointed Dyumin acting Governor of the Tula region, near Moscow, and after regional elections in September Dyumin took office, received nearly 85% of the vote.

The support of allies in the Balkans

All of the above is only a small part of the history of the MTR, which from the outset shrouded in mystery, superiority and invincibility. As is clear from some of the photos, these forces are employ the most modern computer and satellite technology. At their disposal all kinds of military transport and other vehicles, including combat robots. MTR fighters have a special shape and protective agents that protect from bullets and shrapnel, as well as from extreme climatic conditions.

The words of Putin and chief of the General staff Gerasimov prove that the MTR ready to defend not only Russia, but also its allies.

So it was in Syria where the CCO has assumed the hardest part of the job and completely broke international terrorist coalition.

Based on recent statements by Russian officials about Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can conclude that under certain conditions, the SSO can be brought to support the allies in the Balkans.

If someone believes that Russia has no allies, or that she is to observe their plight, as in 90-e years, let’s just turn to the recent examples of Syria and Crimea. Swift and almost imperceptible ascent of the SSO to new heights proves that Russia is ready for the global game at the highest level.