Helsingin Sanomat (Finland): Mongolia brilliantly copes with the virus and this week will be to introduce measures that are different from Finnish

This week Mongolia is doing everything differently, just like before.

If many countries — from Finland to Japan — this week, begin to remove the limitations associated with the epidemic covid-19, the Prime Minister of Mongolia Ohnehin of Khurelsukh, in contrast, said about keeping emergency measures in the country — as long as Mongolia does not appear the vaccine virus.

Under current decrees, of the Mongolian schools and kindergartens will be closed until September, will continue mandatory use of personal protective equipment, children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to be in the shops and restaurants, the conduct of all conferences and rallies will be banned, according to news Agency AFP.

In the parliamentary elections of June 24, the line the Prime Minister may be challenged. But if the actions of the Mongolian Prime Minister to consider only from the standpoint of mortality and infection, Mongolia has been very successful.

From covid-19 not dead no citizen of Mongolia. For the entire period of the epidemic in the country in total there were only 141 cases of infection.

All of these cases involved people entering the country. Transmission of the disease from one person to another in Mongolia itself was not fixed.

Of course, with statistics there are problems in Mongolia, but given the time of the adoption of the country’s exceptional measures, this data may be true.

Isolated position not saved Mongolia, the country’s capital of Ulan Bator is a big city, which is home to 1.5 million people. Of the capital committed daily flights — for example, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus.

Mongolia rescued timeliness. Mongolia has consulted with China and who, and in January began to follow all the recommendations. When it was confirmed that in China the virus is transmitted from person to person, Mongolia began to take action.

Schools were closed on January 27, began procurement and production of masks and other personal protective equipment. Mongolian citizens are gradually returning planes from China and other countries. Almost all observed after the return of a three-week quarantine.

Soon there was limited communication with other countries. In February, there were restrictions against North and South Korea and Japan.

March 10, in Mongolia, was the first recorded case of infection. The Frenchman, who came to the country by train from Moscow.

The country’s leadership has been preparing for this for several weeks. Mongolia has placed citizens at risk in quarantine, stopped traffic, rail and motor transportation. For a certain period were closed shops, disinfection of large areas where they could spread the virus.

Due to the rapid introduction of measures, the virus ceased to be transmitted. Other cases of infection have been reported mainly when crossing the border, so the danger of the spread of the virus within Mongolia itself was minimal.

In may, Mongolia conducted exercises to isolate parts of Ulan Bator for a day, in the event of a real threat of these actions managed to hold fast. The exercises were involved 3.5 thousand representatives of government, teachings influenced the everyday life of 150 thousand people.

The success of Mongolia in the fight against the virus gradually began to pay attention in other countries.

Mongolia still has serious problems. In terms of GDP Mongolia is located between Armenia and Rwanda. Now the country is in good health, but in many regions in the event of an outbreak to obtain good medical care will be pretty hard.

In political matters, Mongolia is the cradle of democracy. However, in 2019 in Mongolia was a bit of a constitutional crisis, as suspects in corruption cheated the state this year.

There are fears that the former Sambo wrestler and the judoist President Khaltmagiin Battulga will try to get more power this year, but — at least for now — the presidents of Russia and China are not exemplary.

A strict line against the coronavirus can cause economic losses that can be avoided by removing restrictions on faster.

What about this situation, as in Mongolia, other countries can only dream of: infection failed to stop — at least not yet.

Actions of Mongolia in the fight against the pandemic was more timely than in the developed Western countries, but the diplomatic strategy of the country remains the same.

In February, the President of Mongolia hastened to China, to Express support for the neighboring country affected by the pandemic. Mongolia gave China 30 thousand sheep. The Prime Minister also emphasized that previously, Mongolia was given to China to fight the virus more than 180 thousand euros.

China’s President XI Jinping thanked the President of Mongolia for the help — and for the sheep — emphasized the friendly press conference.