What tactics Russia uses in Donbas: report

In Donbass Russia creates a model of “frozen conflict”, which can later be used in a wide range of geopolitical goals. This is referred to in the presentation of the analytical report “the Militarization of the occupied territories of the Russian Federation”, which was published in the international conference “the Militarization of the occupied territories: a factor of destabilization of the Euro-Atlantic region and the mechanism of geopolitical influence”.

Among the tasks of the tactics of militarization, which Russia uses in relation to the occupied territories, the report noted the establishment in these territories of authoritarian regimes – a return to the Soviet model of political consciousness from the 70’s-early 80’s.

The report States that the Russian elite is not interested in permanent economic and social development of the occupied territory, which has no prospects of annexation by Russia.

“The Kremlin needs of the impoverished territory with business and militarized power that had fused together. The greatest threat for Russia in the occupied territories is the emergence of an independent leader, who had power, financial resources and support from the population”, – stated in the presentation.

The document also assesses the process of deploying strike forces and weapons of mass destruction that pose a threat to the Euro-Atlantic space.

“According to our estimates, Russia places a shock force only in those areas which according to the plans of the military-political leadership of Russia must enter or have entered into composition of the Russian Federation. If there are signs of accommodation, OTRO (operational-tactical missiles – Ed.) RK anti-ship strike aircraft on the territory of Crimea and South Ossetia, the deployment of such funds in Transnistria, Abkhazia, and moreover in the Donbas is not happening,” said during the presentation of the study head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to NATO PA, MP from the PPO Irina Friz.

So, on one of the slides of the presentation, the authors clearly presented, what types of missile complexes of Russia deployed in Crimea: “Iskander-M”, 3К55 “Bastion”, System S-400 40N6 missiles and cruise missiles “Caliber”.

Details about these types of missile complexes “Today,” wrote earlier, in assessing the third edition of the report “Post-Truth, Post-West, Post-Order?”, published on the eve of the 53rd Munich security conference. European analysts had estimated the missile potential of Russia in the Kaliningrad region, which exactly coincide with those missiles, which the Kremlin has placed in the Crimea.