“Go away, do not expect that someone will change”, the Ukrainian supermodel turned to podeschi

“Go away, do not expect that someone will change”, the Ukrainian supermodel turned to podeschi

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Snezhana Onopko away from her husband after 10 years of marriage

Inna Petrova

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Ukrainian supermodel Snejana Onopko, which in April announced the intention to divorce her husband, businessman Nikolay Shchur after 10 years of marriage, made a loud statement. 33-year-old model turned to his podeschi in Instagram and urged them not to tolerate the antics of men abuzerov.

Onopko not the only woman who has shared with fans details his personal life. Anfisa Chekhov recently told how she was brutally beaten favorite man.

Model Snezhana Onopko Photo: instagram.com/snejanaonopka15

Model Snezhana Onopko and Donetsk businessman Mykola Shchur married 15 Nov 2011. In marriage they lived for 10 years. At the end of April 2020 model publicly admitted to infidelities and abuse from her husband. According to her, Schur repeatedly raised her hand, causing the three bears was also afraid to have children.

In his Instagram Onopko has posted an eloquent post in which he appealed to women.

“I want to wish all the women who were in a similar situation as mine, go, do not expect that someone will change, only you can change your life! I honestly realized that have not loved, this was a habit, binding, it was just family! But this is not the man for whom it was worth to endure, to suffer and to cry. Life is getting better and will only get better, believe me! Time heals all wounds, wounds heal and life begins to be filled with other colors! Believe in yourself!” – posted by Snezhana.

The supermodel also wrote that her husband began to beat her after he was released from prison where he served time for fraud. And after Nikolay Shchur learned of the intention of the wife to leave him, stole her car and personal belongings.

Earlier ex-wife Marat Basharova said about violence in marriage.