Tuberculosis and measles are not less dangerous than the coronavirus: Zelensky called for vaccination

The decrease in the level of vaccination may lead soon to the outbreak of disease

President Vladimir Zelensky urged Ukrainians to be vaccinated against measles and tuberculosis as they are not less dangerous disease than the coronavirus. He said this at a traditional meeting on Bankova street, reports the Office of the President.

So, the President said that, despite the epidemic of the coronavirus vaccination of children against measles, tetanus and other diseases continued. At the same time now the number of vaccinations dropped by 20%.

The health Ministry believes that this could lead to outbreak of these diseases in the near future. Therefore, together with the President to urge parents not to ignore the vaccinations.

“It is important that you communicate this to the people. After all, measles, tetanus, tuberculosis as a serious illness, no less dangerous than the coronavirus infection. It is necessary to explain to Ukrainians that vaccination is important now,” said Zelensky.

Note that in Ukraine every year die from tuberculosis about 4 thousand people. Earlier the chief doctor of the Odessa regional centre of socially important diseases Esipenko Svetlana told me that the situation with tuberculosis is ages two. Read more in our article “the Dispensary will be closed and patients sent to a General hospital: what really will change”.

Meanwhile, in April, overdue is another problem. Because of the catastrophic consequences of medical reform may soon be treating people with TB there will be nobody. The staff of the TB dispensary in Lutsk recorded emotional appeal.