Ukrainian writer Zhadan was detained in Minsk “at the behest” of the Russian Federation

On the night of Saturday, February 11, the Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan was detained in Minsk and he received a stamp banning entry to Belarus. About this Ukrainian himself has reported on his page in Facebook.

“Here’s a funny story that happened to me today in Minsk. About two nights to my hotel room was raided by a police patrol – serious and focused. No explanation was taken to the police station, began to run, found nothing. Called to the KGB. There they advised to go to another Department, Lenin. In the Leninsky again run finally explained – it turns out that I still have in 2015 are denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation (what a shame) with the wording “for his involvement in terrorist activities”. And because Belarus and Kazakhstan are Russia visa in one area (no luck), the ban automatically goes to Belarus with Kazakhstan,” wrote Zhadan.

According to him, had to spend the night in a cell.

“In the morning a long time writing an explanation, was asked about terrorism. In the end, he received a stamp banning entry to Belarus for an indefinite period,” added the writer.