National File (USA): Hungary votes for ending legal recognition of transgender people

During the revolutionary vote, which attracted international attention, Hungary took advantage of the epidemic of the coronavirus to end the legal recognition of transgender people. Now the law transgender in this country can’t change the gender in the documents.

Radical reforms under the guise of fighting the pandemic coronavirus has led a controversial article No. 33. The international community, human rights activists have already condemned this decision. The representative of the human rights movement Amnesty International in Hungary Cristina Tamas-szara (Krisztina Tamás-Sáróy) said:

“This decision returns Hungary back to the middle Ages and violates the rights of transgender and intersex persons. It will not only expose them to further discrimination, but also reinforce intolerance and hostility with which this country is facing LGBTI community.”

“It is extremely important that the Commissioner for human rights in Hungary urgently demanded a revision of this article of the law in the constitutional court. Need to cancel the horrific provisions of the act. The identity of each gender must be legally recognized, and everyone should be allowed to legally change their name and gender in all official documents.”

As previously reported, in the national register and identity documents, instead of selecting “gender” will be the only option available is “gender assigned at birth”. The amendment makes it impossible for him to shift throughout life.

Explanation of the amendment is already published in Human Rights Watch: “the proposed amendment to the Law on the registry will include clarification regarding the word “nem” which in Hungarian can mean “gender” and “gender identity” to specifically identify the gender at birth (“szuletesi nem”) as a “biological, rated on the basis of primary sex characteristics, and chromosomes”. Under the amendment, once it is recorded legally, the floor cannot be changed.

The amendment recognized an attack on a vulnerable minority group, occurred on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Instead of focusing on the protection of the health of the population, the government used the crisis and the emergency as a pretext for the seizure of absolute power.

The amendment, which also aims to combat misinformation from covid-19, complicates the response from the community. It has already attracted criticism from the international community.”

According to Forbes, voted for the decision of the Deputy 134, 56 against. The amendment suggests that “completely change your biological sex is impossible,” and therefore it is necessary at the legislative level to consolidate the ban in the registry of acts of civil status.

Hungary is also famous for its ban on the study of gender studies at the University.

In addition, neoliberals condemn the ongoing policy of Hungary on the family, encouraging estestvenny increase in the birth rate by encouraging large families at a time when other Western countries rely on immigration from the third world.