Zelensky voiced cherished dream, and trump is the truth about who the major statements of the week

By law, those Ukrainians who have permission for permanent residence in the EU cannot be prevented from leaving the country

In Belarus, even the best mortality rate in the world, and the Ukrainian lawyers sooner or later prevail against the Kremlin in the courts. Read the TOP 5 quotes this week from leading speakers in Ukraine and the world.

Vladimir Zelensky: I would like to be President, after which appeared in the country roads

Wednesday, may 20, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gathered in Mariinskiy Park of the capital, a big press-conference for Ukrainian and foreign media. On it the President reported what had been done over a year in office.

At a meeting with the head of state received more than 50 journalists. On the street it had begun to rain, then the sun came out. But this has not prevented “hot” dialogue. Sometimes some of the media representatives with the President came to skirmishes, but in General the head of state was in a good mood.