In Ukraine have markedly risen in price dollar and Euro: exchange rate of the NBU

The national Bank has published the value of the dollar on may 22

On Friday, may 22, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has calculated the official rate of the dollar against the hryvnia:

21.0422.05Изменение1 dollar26,59 UAHUAH 26,77+ 0,18

Thus, in comparison with the values of 21 may, the dollar rose by 18 cents after rising seven cents in the previous Bank denü. During the week from 15 to 22 may, the national currency weakened against the us by 11 cents.

The Euro on may 22, when it grew by 32 pennies from 29.14 to 29.46 of the hryvnia, rising even above the psychological level of 29 hryvnia, which he held from may 14.