A check-list of the most common mistakes in workouts at home

A check-list of the most common mistakes in workouts at home

Choosing the best home workouts right and watch how to do the impossible

Anastasia Pasichny

Today, 14:15

While the gyms are still closed, home workouts on YouTube or Instagram to remain in salvation. It would seem, you only need to spread a Mat, choose any video and start training. But not so simple. If you make mistakes, workout at home would be useless, and even harmful.

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“The number of errors may increase exponentially at home. But the good news is that fixing them is as simple as and make. The first step is recognizing what you are doing wrong so you can solve this problem,” writes HuffPost and offers to test yourself using a checklist of basic errors in home training designed with the assistance of Beatriz Crespo, a specialist with a doctorate in medicine and sports.

What not to do during home workouts

  • To trust anyone who publishes a workout in Instagram. One of the most common mistakes today is that many follow powerful entities that have no training, but with a great marketing.
  • To torture yourself for best results. Do not think that success comes only if you train with high intensity and one hundred percent motivated every day. “No pain, no gain” is not always true.
  • To think that excessive sweat will help you lose weight. It speaks to dehydration, which is dangerous for the body. Therefore it is not necessary to train in warm clothes, as there always must be water.
  • Favorite to repeat complex over and over again. Even if the training is really like, from time to time need to change the load. This increases the efficiency and helps to avoid imbalance.
  • Do as many reps, how many and online coach. You need to consider your level of training and listen to your feelings, it will be useful to monitor the heart rhythm.
  • Just look at the screen. The coach in the video you can not see and can not point out errors at run time. It is best to do exercise in front of a mirror.
  • To underestimate or to overestimate the stretching. Stretching is very helpful. But it should not be the only type of physical activity. For good result we need to move to give the muscle to work, only in this case the stretching is good for you.
  • Distraction. Try not to do that, at least, disable on workout notification on your phone and turn off the TV.
  • Constantly be weighed. Daily weighing is kind of a bad habit, because the weight can fluctuate for various reasons. Enough to do it a couple times a month.
  • Train video if there is an injury. To do after the injury is possible only under the supervision of a specialist.
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