When is the best time to sleep during the day: advice for scientists

Habit to sleep during the day is associated with great health potential, this is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of southern California. As a result of the experiments, they were able to figure out when to sleep during the day is best for health. This blessed time was from 15 to 16 hours. Just 20-30 minutes of rest after three hours of the day will allow you to recover energy and to actively end the day. Your health is much improved, sure American doctors, writes “Your Baby”.


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Sleep length to half an hour in the daytime positive effect on the brain. It will help you maintain clarity of mind and vivacity of thought in the second half of the day. And, that is important, sleep a day, you’ll be able easier and faster to fall asleep at night and better sleep. The saying “a dream draws a dream” works perfectly! Take a NAP after lunch and you will not know what night insomnia.

“A half-hour NAP in the length of time from 15 to 16 hours a day ideal for recharging your well-being and exit on new level of health. At this time, due to the natural decay circadian rhythm, many people begin to feel sleepy and lose focus, so take that time to maximum advantage,” said the study authors.


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But scientists warn that more than 30 minutes at this time better not sleep, because sleep can go into a deep phase and after its completion you will be hard to recover and to get rid of the dreams.

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