Lessons quarantine: how to change consumer habits of Ukrainians

Marketers and economists explained why wait, when Ukraine will remove restrictions

After the coronavirus pandemic, many countries are waiting for an inevitable economic shock. Analysts have not ruled out until the end of the year the inflation will reach 5% – the highest figure in recent years. In Ukraine, the national Bank also downgraded inflation almost 5% to 6%. On the other hand, the crisis is a lesson for those who are willing to learn. News “Today,” praised the new habits of the Ukrainians learned if they would help us save money.

In dekorativnye times thousands of people each day visited shopping malls in big cities. Now everything was in isolation, without the usual shops with colorful storefronts, coffee shops and cinemas. Soon all this should come back, but will people the same as before the pandemic? The number of exits from a house decreased dramatically and reduced our daily needs.

“My wardrobe has become need a little less, because we are all on insulation and new things are not needed – they simply do not have time to smachivaetsya. And be fashionable at home in front of a mirror – no such need”, – says the observations of a resident of Kiev Ivan.

The majority of purchases the guy for many years does online where orders everything from components to equipment to clothing. Says it saves time and money. But Julia and Vladimir, for example, more like “real” stores and only with the beginning of the quarantine adapted to virtual.