The verdict in the case “girl Lisa”

A few months ago, our newspaper said that puts an end to the history of the 13-year-old Lisa F. from Berlin and will no longer write about it. But now that the point raised in the court, we still last time will come back to this story without feeling entitled to leave the sentence without attention.

We will remind, with what all has begun. The daughter of German immigrants went missing on the morning of 11 January last year — went to school, but so to it and did not get. Parents, naturally, sounded the alarm, went to the police and to everyone we know, the announcement of the loss on the same day appeared on the Internet. After 30 hours of absence Lisa appeared in the doorway of the house in a rather mangled form. And told the terrible story. Some immigrants from the Middle East kidnapped her on the way to school, brought in some apartment, beaten and raped more than a day, and then thrown out on the street.

The police saw the story girl the inconsistencies and questioned her version, had a detailed conversation and found out the truth: it was an escape. But the girl grew up in a decent family, so relatives and friends were outraged that the law-enforcement officers consider Lisa a liar. And away we go…

Recall that there was a time when the press was full of reports about immigrant crime (all this happened shortly after new year’s “night of the long hands” in Cologne) and anti-immigrant rallies, the minds of the population owned fear. So, first aunt Lisa spoke to Russian TV channel and transferred in your own words the whole story. Then the action was joined by cousin Lisa, warmed up the situation to his poignant speech at a rally of the NPD. Not silent and uncle: “the Police covers them (suspects — approx. ed.), the police yesterday pressed the child and forced her to say that she wanted it, she seduced these poor men. Creature” — he was indignant in an interview with Russian media. In the end, came to the protest demonstrations of Russian-speaking residents of Germany and to discuss the history of girls at the level of foreign Ministers.

And Lisa really lied. Underachievement in school, plus the usual teenage problems seemed to her intolerable burden, and she decided to escape. However, there was nowhere to run. Lisa leaned to the familiar, where it spent the night. In all this she admitted to the police that in view of the broad resonance made official, but a short statement: there was no kidnapping, or rape.

Antimigrant configured movement has for some time continued to use the “Lisa” as an argument in favor of the fact that the police is led by politicians, not protecting the Germans, and illegal immigrants, but then they subsided.

Meanwhile police continued the investigation. And the crime against Lisa was discovered, but neither the kidnapping nor to the people whose lease was the night she went missing, has no relationship. On the phone from an acquaintance of the girl was discovered video, sexual contact with her, shot about six months before her disappearance.

On this fact was opened a separate criminal investigation. The result is Lisa’s friend, 24-year-old S. Ismet (Ismet S.), June 20, the court of the Berlin district Tiergarten was convicted of molesting a child and shooting the child pornography. The verdict was surprisingly mild: instead of years of jail time the young man got off with 1 year and 9 months of probation. The court took into account that until now, Ismet S. did not come to the attention of the German justice, and also the fact that he actively cooperated with the investigation.

Undoubtedly, the whole story was for Lisa, and for many of us a lesson. But it really needs to be a great point and finally close this instructive Chapter of our lives.