Doctors have found a way to determine the level of danger of the flu

The method of genetic engineering allows you to quickly check the probability of human infection with new variants of the virus. The influenza virus is characterized by great variability, and the fact that its intermediate hosts are animals, according to “Orthodox”.

However, people are sick not all types of avian flu that is not always possible to predict. Scientists from the University of Freiburg (Germany) invented a method that greatly simplifies the testing procedure viruses. It is reported by the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The Institute of Virology inoculated laboratory mice the human MxA gene is responsible for immune defense against influenza virus. These mice proved to be resistant to viruses that affect animals, however, has proved susceptible to the serotypes that have long been circulating among the people.

A simple method of checking through the infection of genetically modified mice allows to respond more quickly to the emergence of new serotypes of influenza virus.