Trump has declared readiness to meet with Kim Jong Inom

The US President Donald trump said that “under the right circumstances” for him “would be an honor to meet” with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The President of the United States said in an interview with Bloomberg, RBC.

“If it would be appropriate to meet with him, I am absolutely sure, I would be honored to do it,” said trump, noting, however, that, again, these negotiations should take place “under the right circumstances.” “But I would do it,” concluded the American President.

“Most people in politics would never have said (about his willingness to meet with North Korean leader – ed.)”, – added the President of the United States. However, according to trump, “under suitable conditions” it would be something to discuss with Kim Jong-UN. “We have important news [to discuss]”, – concluded the American leader.

Kim Jong-UN, as recalled by Bloomberg, has never met with the heads of foreign States. In 2011, after the death of his father Kim Jong-Il he led to North Korea and never since then has not left the territory of their country. For more than two decades of negotiations at different levels, food aid and the UN sanctions could not hold back the desire of the Kim dynasty to create its own nuclear Arsenal. This, as noted by the Agency, led to the fact that the administration trump all relied more on the neighbor of the DPRK and the main trading partner of the Republic of China to pressure the North Korean regime.

Tension, according to Bloomberg, began to increase since then, in January, trump vowed that he will not allow Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States, and North Korea, in response, called the American military action in the region and on the Korean Peninsula by acts of “intimidation and blackmail”. Pyongyang continued its nuclear and ballistic tests. One of the last, according to the South Korean military was held on April 29.