Europe at a crossroads

Europe, discouraged and amazed by the scrapping of the post-war system of continental security, the illegal Russian occupation of Crimea and the aggression of the Kremlin in Eastern Ukraine, destabilized by waves of migration, frightened unprecedented terrorist acts completely confused as a result of the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union and the unexpected victory of Republican Donald trump for President in America and is now at a crossroads.

And although the UK is not going to move away from Europe and set to continue the participation in the security architecture on the continent, its influence on European Affairs will be substantially reduced.

As for the relationship of Europeans with the US, as aptly remarked the famous British journalist Edward Lucas: “we must not Blame the American voters and European politicians who constantly avoided liability decades after the Cold war. The combination of greed and indulging his own desire eroded the Foundation of the Alliance. To the people who praised Edward Snowden and defamed the national security Agency of the United States, appeared now the tough questions.”

The head of the Brussels office and DW’s Max Hofmann goes further and says: “If member countries of the EU will not be able on its own to stabilize the European Union, it really is doomed. And here the immediate priorities are defense and economy.”

The latest influx to Europe of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East has greatly exacerbated the issue of integration of migrants in European society and provoked broad public and political debate around these issues.

In fact, now modern Europe for the third time after the two world wars is experiencing a period of crisis and must find the potential and strength to overcome. Sometimes the crisis is the main reason for the upgrade.