In Ukraine, may 22, again can weaken the quarantine

Today Ukraine is on the so-called “plateau” of disease and this gives hope for overcoming epidemics

A new stage in the easing of the quarantine restrictions may be introduced from 22 may. This was stated at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers the head of government Denis Shmyhal.

“On may 11 in Ukraine came into effect quarantine easing. This is the first stage of the concessions business which was suspended, began to return to work, gradually to restore business activity. But pay attention: this does not mean that coronavirus is no more, or it became less dangerous,” he said.

Smigel noted that today Ukraine on the so-called “plateau” of disease when the number of cases at about the same level. At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that increasing the amount recovered.

“Today, a record number recovered – 343. For the first time such a high level. Unfortunately, it does not exceed the number of cases today. But this moderate statistics is the result of our actions, the responsibility of citizens and businesses. If the situation will move in this positive scenario, may 22 possible transition to the second stage breaks… But it will not mean the complete abolition of the quarantine,” – said the head of government.

Recall that at the last meeting of the government was extended quarantine until may 22, and on the 11th day removed a number of restrictions for business. Were allowed to run cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, non-food stores with certain conditions of observance of security measures. But public transport still not allowed for all, but only for a certain category of citizens. Today in Parliament Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal explained why in Ukraine do not run transport.