Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): Ukraine itself prozhiraet their future

There are three models of competitiveness of any economy: factor; productivity; innovation. However, there is also “mixes”, but I’m not going to complicate things.

For the next five years, while the level of foreign direct investment into our economy will exceed $ 10 billion, our destiny — factorial development.

And one of these growth factors, should or could or must be cheap electricity for all business entities and population.

In this context, means the stop of a nuclear power plant? In fact, the only remaining factor of competitiveness knocks at the economy as the stool from under the feet of the condemned to hang.

With this policy, after a year or two waiting for us ugly, but very expensive hybrid carbon-green energy and it will be a factor of economic degradation, because the high cost of energy will cut almost all types of business, where the energy component plays any significant role.

From the point of view of ecology it will also be one of a hybrid: simultaneously heat to contaminated and “clean” green.

Well, we, of course, against the backdrop of high rates will talk about energy efficiency. For the factor of Economics is just what you need for the Mongolian people’s Republic the leap from feudalism to socialism.

Without changing the model of the energy market we will soon lose his main “belongings” is the atomic energy. Welcome to the Carboniferous period, fifth oligarchic era.