Last chance to earn on exchange rates: experts predict a jump in the dollar

The business remains pent-up demand for currency, which will soon be implemented

In light of the fact that the long-awaited easing of restrictions, did not change the fact that the quarantine has frozen the currency market, analysts continue to advise not to sell but to buy the currency. All the experts say that next week is the last favorable chance to purchase dollars as a means of accumulation.

“The inflation trend has not disappeared,’ says a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin. – The business remains pent-up demand for currency, which in full measure will be implemented as soon as the country will be truly out of quarantine. For example, will open the tourist season abroad and will rise once the demand for the currency. Banks will immediately raise the rate. Therefore, those who have hryvnia surplus and wants to convert them into dollars, it’s time to do it.”

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The experts mentioned that the dollar can rise, if this year will open a tourist season. Then we can expect significant demand for the currency and even of its deficiency. As things stand now with tours and what to expect video “Today”: