Finnish rockers sang “Mother” in Russian

Finnish rock band Rämlord released an unusual single: a modern version of Russian folk song “Mother”. Interestingly, before the start of the project, the musicians did not know a word of Russian. For three and a half months, the soloist of group with the teacher learned to correctly pronounce Russian words.

Rämlord hopes to win not only Finnish, but also Russian music market.

— For two or three years I thought that “Mother” is such a good song that it should definitely cover, says drummer Janne Mannon.

— This song is not a joke. If people in Russia will understand what we’re doing is serious and as good as we can, not knowing the language, I hope that it will appreciate.

Mannon says, his group is the first in the history of Finland, the members of which, not knowing the language, recorded the song in Russian.

— My Russian friends were very surprised when I found out about the song. I was told that it was already lost on some radio stations in Russia.

For the song “Mother” available in different versions, but Rämlord took in a basis version of Zhanna Bichevskaya. Mannon says, with this song at Rämlord have a chance to break into the Russian market, but still group focused exclusively on native listeners.

— If you imagine a Russian group, such as “DDT” or “Aria” would write a song, for example, “Polka”, Sakkijarvi, in Finnish, I think that to some extent this has been of interest to Finns — with a smile said Mannon.