In the point of Ukraine: Zelensky held a meeting with Telecom operators

Now in Ukraine, 5 thousand 800 small towns, where there is no connection

President Vladimir Zelensky, who has previously warned Ukrainians about the dangers of the Internet during the quarantine, discussed with representatives of the largest Telecom operators accelerating the coating quality of the Internet connection and all points of Ukraine. About it reports a press-service of the President’s Office.

“Now in Ukraine, 5 thousand 800 small towns, where there is no connection. I myself see it when I go to these towns. And it is no secret that some of the roads people for half an hour there is no connection. You need to change it, and change as soon as possible”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

The President reminded that in July 2019, he signed a Decree Number 497 “On some measures to improve access to mobile Internet.” For its implementation in the fall of mobile operators signed in Mariupol Memorandum with the government, which aims to maximize coverage of the territory of Ukraine the networks of mobile (mobile) communication of the fourth and fifth generations, providing broadband access to mobile Internet. The President stressed that he would like to quickly see the execution of the decree in full.

“The statistics are very happy for April – for the first time, mobile broadband access to the Internet there are 870 settlements, which are home to 390 thousand people, and the additional statement appeared in 550 points. It is possible! Let’s move at a rapid pace in the future”, – said the President.

The meeting discussed the necessary legislative initiatives to accelerate coverage of mobile communications, the need for cooperation with local authorities, as well as the possibility of developing public-private projects in this direction.

The meeting with the President

“Life has changed, she is more moved to online, we a lot – the drugs and the food ordered via the Internet. I would therefore like below we accelerated the pace of quality coating of our country. I understand that technologically, this is difficult to do, but you see that such infections and the challenges – they do not wait ours with you of plans. The country it is necessary to connect not only road infrastructure, but also the virtual”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

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