The Minister said, when the public transport in Ukraine

The Minister said, when the public transport in Ukraine

May 7, 10:53

Sergey Martynets

Public transport will work in the new realities of coronavirus

In Ukraine, 11 may want to increase the number of public transport, but the number of people restrictions will only change after may 22. At the same time, you will have to race with the observance of sanitary measures – masks, disinfection, temperature screening. About it has told on air of one of Ukrainian television infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley.

According to him, till may 22 of the quarantine regulations in public transport will not change (travel only for a special category of citizens with a certain amount and speculaton). At the same time, metro is now quite complex.

“If we are talking about a wider range (larger number of people. – Ed.) who will be able to use public transport, it is already after may 22. However, it can be noted that will operate all vehicles in Ukraine and not in Ukraine as part of a new reality. That is, the total mask mode, mandatory temperature checks in areas with large concentrations, continuous disinfection. It is difficult to be in metro-level cars to monitor how many people came. To organize the verification process and this important control, it takes time and organization. So, too, at 22 (may. – Ed.) still no one is ready,” said Crickley.


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At the same time in the Kiev subway is not yet know when they will start working, but ready to start moving people in any format.

“Metropolitan enough mobile enterprise, though it seems that we have such a massive infrastructure. We are waiting for a concrete solution in order to organize the work in accordance with this decision. We maintain all the infrastructure, metro in good condition, so after the decision the next day in accordance with the algorithm to begin work”, – said the press-Secretary of the Kiev metro Natalia Makogon.

As reported “Today”, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal and chief sanitary doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko was given to understand that public transport will not start soonbecause there is still the threat of a new outbreak of coronavirus that if people start riding in the city.