The world has turned back the clock

The current period requires quick rethinking known concepts. Even democracy, or rather liberal democracy, needs a new definition. Not so long ago, in the early 2000’s and especially during the Arab revolts, discussed the dilemma of “civil unrest — liberal democracy”; then, on the background of events that followed one after the other in some countries puzzled over the link between social media and democracy.

During the presidential elections in the United States, particularly with respect to the election method of the trump, next placed concepts such as populism, politics, built on the game on the social feelings, and democracy; as a result, with the victory of trump’s choice of the term “timocracy”.

Previously, it was simple. Liberal democracy, socialist democracy, developing democracy. Those regimes that do not fall into these categories, we could classify as non-democratic. Today, however, the concept of “timocracy” can be used in the most advanced democracies, for example, countries such as the US and Germany. Moreover, before we could carry out a correlation between types of democracy and apply economic model, and calm enough to explain causation.

Examples from Europe

While in the period after the Second world war, for example, in West German democracy prevented the creation of ultra-nationalist parties on the grounds that they will pave the way to fascism, today the constitutional court rejects filed in 2013, a lawsuit to ban the far-right National democratic party (NPD), created during Nazi Germany.

In addition, as President of the European Parliament (EP), the most susceptible to democratic processes in the countries — EU members of the Institute, who all fiercely defends the notion of “European” and “European citizenship”, choose Tajani (Antonio Tajani), a close friend of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (Berlusconi), involved in scandals and, ultimately, sentenced to prison. Berlusconi led the party “Forward, Italy” which rests largely on the right flank, and the 2008 election went to the party “People of freedom”, which United his party and neo-fascist “national Alliance.” His friend Tajani became Chairman of the EP as a candidate supported by the Christian Democrats; the social Democrats lost.

If the EP will be the President, then who will head the European Commission — it is impossible not to think about it.

Examples from the world

You can find plenty of examples of oddities that arise in the course of world development. This situation is on the agenda of the world economic forum in Davos. The new US leader, known as the fortress of capitalism, insists on a kind of planner; he’s too busy what is a foreign company, where to invest money; he says it will introduce higher taxes, if, for example, the German car giants will invest in Latin America. The head of China, a country that remained loyal to the economy based on Central planning, advocates of globalization.

Whether scandalous dirt on trump, declares Putin, not institutions designed to defend the honor of the head of state; there is nothing, says the Russian leader. Moreover, the fact that these charges are “deep” structures in the US that I can’t stand trump, he says again Russia.

Another real world example comes from our region. In the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), Turkey, a NATO member, has long urged its allies to cooperate actively and requested military support. While the Western allies are prepared to stick Flirty, Russia for the first time in history, conducting a joint operation with Turkey.

All these developments point to two alternatives. Or we will adapt to the new situation, or think about what makes sense to remember the “old” and based on that, get in position.