The Guardian (UK): trump refuses to fight the virus, focusing on reviving the economy and his own campaign

Donald trump actually abandoned the strategy to combat the pandemic coronavirus carried out by the health authorities, and “clearly demonstrates willingness to exchange people’s lives for the Dow-Jones”, say critics of the American President.

Recently, the media got the report of the White house for official use, which States that on June 1 the mortality rate from coronavirus reaches 3 000 people per day, almost twice the present figure of about 1 750 people. On Monday the newspaper reported, “new York times”.

However, despite this trump canceled the daily briefings of the operational group for combating coronavirus and moved away from medical experts, giving preference to the economists that filled the air and call on States to resume business activity despite an increase in the number of infections.

On Tuesday morning, trump went to Arizona for the enterprise for manufacturing of medical masks. This is his first long trip since the end of March, when the U.S. began to increase the number of diseases covid-19. But before climbing aboard the presidential plane, trump has compared the forecasts of increasing mortality and economic growth.

“Anyway, big wins there. But I’ll tell you where there is a big win. We intend to build the country; I did it once, two months ago we had the best economy in world history. But we’ll do it again and we’re starting… it will happen fairly quickly.”

In an interview of si-EN-EN, Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci), who headed the task force the White house to combat the coronavirus, the day before warned that if the US “prematurely” canceled measures of isolation in society and in business, the number of new cases will rise again.

“How many deaths and human suffering we are willing to accept for return sooner or later into a normal state?” he asked.

And on Tuesday morning the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo (Andrew Cuomo) has warned about the inadmissibility of compromise between life and death when planning the lifting of restrictions. “The sooner we can resume economic activity, the higher will be casualties, because we will lose more lives. But, my friends, we are already taking such a decision,” the Governor said at his daily briefing.

Critics doubt very much the correctness of the administration’s trump. Fauci has called a “very difficult choice” a comparison of the casualties and economic disaster.

“They are very utilitarian has decided that the political damage from the collapse of the economy will be worse than the political damage from rising mortality rates among Americans in the month of June for another 90 000 people, said former Republican party strategist Rick Wilson (Rick Wilson). — We witnessed the disgusting policy of pragmatism in action. The authors are willing to trade people’s lives for the Dow Jones.”

A sign of impending change was the statement of the former Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie (Chris Christie) si-EN-EN. He said that the growth in the number of deaths will be justified if the economy will resume its activities. “Of course, everybody wants to save as many lives as possible. But the question is, what is the ultimate goal of this salvation?” said this Republican, who led the 2016 team of the transition period President of the trump. Christie added: “if we Could perform a difficult task, assuming that death under any circumstances?”

When trump Mar 13, declared a state of emergency, there is hope that in spite of attempts to downplay the extent of the problems at an early stage and missed opportunities for testing, the Federal government is finally ready to launch an attack on the epidemic by all means.

Trump quickly declared themselves a “wartime President” and on March 31, grimly told the Americans that they need to prepare for two “very, very painful weeks.” His daily briefings at the White House on combating coronavirus compared with the pre-election rallies, because sometimes they lasted more than two hours, and made by authoritative experts such as Deborah Burke (Deborah Birx) and Anthony Fauci, who has adopted scientific graphics and statistics.

However, 23 APR trump pompously stated that patients covid-19 it is necessary to inject disinfectant, causing confusion and becoming a laughing stock around the world. The briefings have changed, and last week they replaced the bravura events on the theme of economic revival.

Very revealing was the Sunday performance of the trump of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington called “America together: going back to work,” which showed “Fox news”. There he was accompanied by Berks with Fauci and Vice-President Mike Pence and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

Leading started to ask questions to the President, who said that coronavirus is no worse than ordinary flu, doubts the benefits of physical distancing and believes that the suspension of the economy, costing the country at least 30 million jobs, shows that the cure is worse than the disease.

On Saturday the Washington Post wrote that the White house conducted an internal analysis and urged trump to move away from crisis covid-19 and to study measures to boost the economy. In the same analysis said that in mid-April, mortality will peak and then decrease significantly. The newspaper stressed that the trump in its work and decisions “is guided mostly by the desire to be elected for a second term.”

However, the Institute of metrics and evaluation of health at Washington University, whose model gives preference to the White house on Monday changed the forecasts for deaths from coronavirus, increasing from 72 000 to 134 000 by the beginning of August. The Institute based their figures fact that the United States prematurely cancel the measures of social distancing.

Critics say that trump is apparently ready to pull the plug on these losses, attributing them to collateral damage, and listens not to the Berks and Fauci and the head of its election headquarters Parscale brad (Brad Parscale).

Wilson, who wrote the book “Dying everything it touches trump” (Everything Trump Touches Dies), warns: “In the end, it could end nasty. The second wave in the summer and the third wave in the fall. Economic problems are much more serious than if we now took its bitter medicine and remained in isolation until you go through the early stages of this crisis.”

From the gloomy news can not escape, but the administration hopes that economic signals will give the opportunity to somehow reprogram the situation.

That said, the former press Secretary of the White house, Joe Lockhart (Joe Lockhart):

“They change the strategy almost by necessity. All their expectations they have on the resumption of the economy, his economic advisers. They hope that American society will tolerate with the growth of the mortality rate from coronavirus. To say it’s terrible, but even worse to do this.”

“I think now we very rarely see and hear the scientists. It was so bad that they just turn a blind eye to the deaths of even more people, because in the end, the President makes decisions that increase the chances of his re-election”.