The Team told trump, what will be his inaugural speech

Inaugural speech of elected President of the United States Donald trump is “sophisticated, beautiful, strong, quick,” he told journalists his assistant Kellin Conway.

She noted that in his speech, trump will position itself as a “man of action who wants to unite the country”.

“Trump is a man of action, and you’ll hear it tomorrow,” she said, adding that “the speech was prepared under the influence of the speeches of presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.”

Earlier it was reported that Donald trump intends to sign a series of Executive decrees immediately after taking office on inauguration day.

It is reported that the first day in the White house, trump is ready to take the first steps to the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and restricting immigration.

It is noted that he also plans to cancel some of the decrees of the President of Barack Obama.

A Republican will also visit the headquarters of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), which has repeatedly criticized during the election campaign and after his election.