The Times of Israel (Israel): the United States will make the other countries stronger to love their Jews, says special envoy on anti-Semitism

Washington — Ilan Carr (Elan Carr), the state Department special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism, wants in the framework of measures for combating anti-Semitism to force residents of other countries to love more Jews.

At a press conference on Monday, dedicated to the month Jewish-American heritage, Carr spoke about the steps the United States throughout the world to protect Jews from “outbursts of violent anti-Semitism,” until further security measures, prosecution for crimes motivated by hatred and condemnation of anti-Semitic speeches.

“In addition to all these important protection measures we are committed to working with our allies in the development and dissemination of philosemitic ideology for each country. We hope that the day will come when all countries will accept their Jewish community and will be cherished just as it is already done by the United States,” he said.

He never gave an example philosemitic ideology and did not specify exactly how the state Department intends to promote.

“The opposite of anti-Semitism is not tolerance. The opposite of anti-Semitism is Philo — Semitism, love of Jews, respect and commitment to Jewish values and the Jewish community. A month of Jewish heritage USA was an important means to advance this critical philosemitism relationship,” said Carr.

Carr listed prominent Americans-Jews — including composers Irving Berlin (Irving Berlin) and Leonard Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein), scientists Jonas Salk (Jonas Salk) and albert Einstein (Albert Einstein), as well as Supreme court justices Louis Brandeis (Louis Brandeis) and Benjamin Cardozo (Benjamin Cardozo).

Carr mentioned the surge of anti-Semitism, when Jews were accused of a pandemic coronavirus.

“Actually, we brought together different agencies working in this region, in the governments of our and other countries, in the private sector or commercial organizations and non-governmental organizations that work specifically on hate speech on the Internet, said Carr. And we brought them together specifically in order to create a basis for the solution of this problem.”