Cannibalcorpse: in Zaporozhye street Kamenogorsk want to rename in honor of Cannibal Corpse

Residents Zaporozhye want to rename the street Kamenogorsk in Cannibalcorpse — in honor of the band Cannibal Corpse. The petition with such a request appeared on the website of the local city Council. Now under the proposal signed by more than 220 people. In order for the city administration reviewed the petition, it must collect 750 signatures, reports TASS.

“The initiative group drew attention to the name of the street Kamenogorsk, which is located in the Central part of the city and has no relation at all to the city of Zaporizhzhya and to Zaporizhzhya region”, — said the author of the petition Alex Dobryakov.

Dobryakov believes that the street name is obsolete, has no value and carries no meaning. Also the man claims that the name is subject to the law on decommunization.

Dobryakov gave eight arguments in favor of renaming the street. In his opinion, an unusual name to attract tourists in Zaporozhye, and the locals quickly remember it due to the similarity with the old. Also the author of the petition believes that the renaming will help new start-UPS and encourage residents of other cities to “rethink his position”.

Сannibal Cogre — American death-metal band known for its lyrics about murder, rape and cannibalism.