The American Conservative (USA): among the organizers of the Venezuelan “Bay of Pigs” was a American soldier awarded the bronze star?

The government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro) said on Sunday that it had prevented an armed coup, led by former us special forces. This strange story raises many serious questions about the competence of the state Department, led by Pompeo and the intelligence services administration of the trump. What was known to the us government about the coup, was involved in any of the American funds and why nothing was done to stop this absurd and obscene attempt regime change?

Here’s what we know: a US citizen Goodro Jordan (Jordan Atmore), a former green beret, awarded for heroism in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, three bronze stars, along with a retired Venezuelan captain Javier Nieto (Javier Nieto) published a video taken at an undisclosed location.

In the video it was said that they launched an offensive, which was to become the beginning of the uprising, in which President Nicolas Maduro were arrested, and the authorities will be given support by the United States Juan Guido (Juan Guaido).

“Operation Gideon” supposedly began about 30 kilometers from Caracas. According to the channel “sky news” (Sky News), during offensive operations Hudro and Nieto living in Florida, the number of participants in the “rebellion” was not, but they hoped soon to join them. According to news Agency associated Press (Associated Press), they, along with retired Venezuelan General cleaver Alkalai (Cliver Alcalá) during the year provided training to dozens of Venezuelan soldiers deserted in secret camps in Colombia. In March of Alcala was arrested on charges of drug trafficking in the United States and is in custody in new York.

Although the plan as a result of sudden operation of cross-border Maduro were arrested, nearly a third of the Venezuelan military, allegedly preparing along with Hudro coup, according to sources who have spoken to journalists edition of “American Conservative” (The American Conservative), to inform the details of the transaction to the government of Maduro.

In the government, Maduro said that, with the support of the security forces of Cuba they managed to thwart the plot. As reported by Venezuelan authorities on Sunday, at least eight members of the offensive were killed and two were arrested. However, in an article published in the associated Press, said that this operation was doomed to failure long before it started “due to a lack of a solid plan, the enmity between opposition politicians and poor training of the troops”.

Hidden allusion to the similarity of operations with the landing in Cuba’s Bay of pigs (or the Bay of Pigs) in 1961, is the propaganda victory of the Venezuelan President, and this failed coup, exemplifies his rhetoric, according to which the US is trying to implement in the country a regime change with the support of the military. “A group of mercenaries, terrorists, organized and trained in Colombia, has tried to land with military equipment off the coast of La,” — said in a statement issued by the Armed forces of Venezuela (FANB).

As he said in an interview with “American Conservative” assistant Professor of modern Latin America new York University Dr. Alejandro Velasco (Alejandro Velasco), this unsuccessful coup d’etat “taken against the backdrop of worsening tensions with the United States and to some extent fits directly into a propaganda stereotype, which is trying to create a Maduro”. According to this stereotype, the deployment of the U.S. Navy off the coast of Venezuela, ostensibly to combat drug trafficking actually an attempt to destabilize his government.

Speaking on state television, the head of the Socialist party Diosdado Cabello (Diosdado Cabello) has accused Washington in support of the planned coup.

This statement caused a wave of rumors about the strange tweet the former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton (John Bolton). April 30, 2020, exactly a year after another failed coup against Maduro, Bolton wrote on Twitter: “In Venezuela it’s morning again”.

As for the leader of the opposition, Guido, the conspirators say that they signed a contract with him and his advisers for the provision of “services of General interest” and even showed a copy of the alleged contract, but Guido declares that such a Treaty he had signed.

On the question of what is meant by a failed coup in the degree of trust in the region to Guide to the USA, visiting fellow, American Institute of business (AEI) and former Ambassador Roger Noriega (Roger Noriega) in an interview with “American Conservative” said

“If it really was some agreement, then it seems to me a complete loss of confidence in Guido to the state Department, which was supposed to lead the policy… and a huge concern is the fact that the team of Guido had to do this and keep the state Department out of the loop, or worse that the state Department was informed in advance.”

“I hope that the US will not fall into the trap where now commanded by fools that have implemented this failed attempt, said Noriega. — For a handful of Venezuelan politicians to do something similar in half — it’s just another example of explaining why a regime of chavismo and Maduro lasts so long. The fact that they have this opposition is mostly miserable and hapless. My concern is, how aware of American diplomats, and let it continue is as haphazard and spontaneous and badly deliberately”.

These concerns become even more serious in light of the strange details contained in this article in the newspaper “Washington Post” (The Washington Post).

According to “Washington Post”, Hudra head of private security firm “Silvercorp Yu-es-EY” (Silvercorp USA), on a web site that ” proudly tells about her activity in more than 50 countries, stating that its Advisory group, composed of former diplomats, experienced military strategists and heads of transnational corporations (the names of any of them not named). The company says it “managed the international security group” working for the President of the United States.

According to the article, Gudro:

“I wanted to take advantage of the growing interest of the administration of the tramp in the overthrow of Maduro. Longtime bodyguard of President Donald trump Keith Schiller (Schiller Keith) was introduced to a man who worked in private security. In March 2019 Schiller attended the event at the University club in Washington, organized for potential benefactors, together with the activist Lester Toledo (Toledo Lester), the then coordinator of Guido for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. In may last year Goodro accompanied Schiller on the meeting in Miami with representatives of Guido. According to a person familiar with the details of the meeting, with Schiller conducted a lively discussion on the need to strengthen the protection of Guido and his growing team of advisers in Venezuela and around the world. Schiller believed that Hudro naive and too much for granted. According to a source close to the former White house official, after the meeting, Schiller completely lost contact”.

This suggests that this former White house official felt it necessary to officially deny involvement in Schiller’s the conspiracy, and because of this denial, there are some issues of serious concern.

Did Schiller in the state Department or intelligence service that he learned at this meeting? If not, why not? And if so, how, the agencies have ordered that information?

“Totally unacceptable, if they say they didn’t know anything,” said Noriega.

But, at least, one a retired special forces among the “Navy seals” sees in this connection with the USA — in any case, military communication. He personally trained some volunteers in the basics of first aid as an employee of a nonprofit organization that works in war zones. In an interview with the associated Press, he said that after seeing the camps, seeing what sort of horrible conditions, and talking to people (with Hudro he never met), he realized that the plan was “risky and adventurous”. According to him, any attempt to seek military support of the USA, apparently, was not.

“No chance to succeed without direct U.S. military intervention they didn’t have,” said Efraim Mattos (Mattos Ephraim), who in September spent two weeks in Columbia camps.

The associated Press States that it found “no indication that the us government supported Gudro, as well as the fact that trump has sanctioned undercover operations against Maduro, which was necessary to notify Congress.”

According to Dr. Alejandro Velasco, would not be surprising if some people in the administration, trump came under the influence of the idea that a small group of “three hundred armed soldiers” can somehow eliminate the regime of Maduro.

“There is a kind of tragedy combined with a share of farce, partly because so many people that trump has surrounded himself, or at least that it uses to implement his policies,… are the “knights” of the cold war, repeating these hackneyed scenarios”. The most famous of these scenarios is the landing at the Bay of pigs invasion, which was led by a mixed group of Cubans in Miami with the support of the CIA and President Kennedy, and “from which there is almost nothing repeats itself,” he said. This “familiar scenario” allows some immigrants and supporters of the cold war, “to imagine that in this drama they are playing some familiar roles — whether the roles of heroes or despots”.

“This escalation, ultimately, puts the administration of the tramp in “a difficult position, because officials cannot accept and how to support this operation,” but “such steps” significantly “increase the rates”” what is their real danger, said Alejandro Velasco. “They act only in one direction: there is no hint of any attempt de-escalation. Or administration of a trump will be forced to act, taking steps such as the deployment of naval fleet in the region, or through what appears to be a tacit endorsement of failed operations such as the failed coup.

The mainstream media while showing to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s favor — he did not have to answer questions that may have known to his Department about this fiasco.

In a statement at a lower level made the press Secretary for a member of the state Department Bureau for Western hemisphere Affairs, due to those messages not given.

“We have little reason to trust the information disseminated by the old regime, — said in a statement. The Maduro regime has consistently used misinformation in order to divert attention from the problems his mismanagement of Venezuela”.