“What did I do to help?”: Regina todorenko released the film on domestic violence

“What did I do to help?”: Regina todorenko released the film on domestic violence

Leading first appeared in the Network after the scandal

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 10:29

Popular TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko hit the center of the scandal because of his comments about domestic violence. During an online interview with the star touched upon the theme of star divorces and domestic violence. Regina said that women victims of violence have to wonder: “what they did to get their husband does not beat?”.

Soon Todorenko showered with negative comments from users of the Network, and Glamour magazine and is deprived star of the title “woman of the year”. The TV presenter was quick to apologize for his words and has released a video message on his page in Instagram. But after disappeared from the Network. As it turned out, the actress was shooting a film on domestic violence called “what did I do to help?”, which premiered on her YouTube channel a week after the scandal.

“Friends! I decided to deal with the problem and this week spoke with leading experts in the field of domestic violence. The result is a film that will help to get rid of prejudices in this matter, and – most importantly – tell you what to do if it happened to you or someone you know. Perhaps one day, he only had to lose the titles, contracts, the trust of the audience to hear hundreds of thousands of voters in need of assistance. If you view this film, so all was not in vain,” wrote Regina on his page in Instagram.

The presenter also said that all proceeds from monetization of this video will be sent to funds to combat domestic violence.

Earlier, the Russian singer Vlad Topalov reacted to the scandal with Regina Todorenko, provoked by her words about domestic violence. Leading husband snapped the users of Instagram, but his comments caused an even greater uproar in the Network.