The diplomat explained how “COVID-passport” will affect bezviz of Ukraine with the European Union

As far as measures for the introduction of the “health passport” effective is an important question, says Vadim Pristayko

The intention of the member countries of the European Union to introduce a so-called. “COVID-passport”
that will contain the certificate of absence of infection of the coronavirus, should not complicate bezviz of Ukraine with the EU.

The Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Vadym Prystayko said in an interview with “Today”

“The EU is discussing the issue (of introducing a “health passport”. – Red
.), because one of the EU members (Greece. – Red
.) picked it up. And not even one. There is a recommendation of the who, which is not recommended to resort to such actions (the introduction of “COVID-passport”). To date, the government agrees with that recommended by the who. Because you can get a “passport”, and tomorrow somewhere in the bus on the way home to catch the virus. Moreover, the situation is complicated by the fact that recorded cases of re-infection by coronavirus, particularly in China. So far as such measures (for the implementation of the “health passport”. – K. Z.
) efficient is an important question that I’m sure neither Greece nor the EU has no answer,” – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

He raised the question of what will be a political decision amid the panic and nationalist requirements?

“I think it may be something like medical insurance, which is required of anyone who should be in European or any other country. So it is with Ukraine, by the way. Many tropical countries, for example, require entrants to show a list of vaccinations. I think something close to this in the final document of the EU and will be. But I do not suggest that bezviz with Ukraine will be somehow complicated,” summed up Vice-the Prime Minister.

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