Wired (USA): does it matter that the US defense Department released this video from a UFO?

On Monday, the U.S. Department of defense has officially released three videos of unidentified flying objects that took the crews of the Navy. The incidents themselves occurred in 2004 and 2015, but the videos were published only in 2017, when the newspaper “new York times” included it in an editorial on “the mysterious UFO program” of the Pentagon. The Navy has previously acknowledged the authenticity of the clips, but welcome to the publication of the Pentagon is not allowed. Until recently.

In all three videos shot by the pilots of the Navy, the air appears a strange object oval-shaped. In the video of 2015 called Gimbal (Kardan) UFO shaped pills “TIC-TAC” (Tic Tac), sweeps past the clouds and begins to rotate. “Some kind of drone to get, damn,” says the pilot. In another video from the 2015 called Go Fast (“hurry”) infrared system of the aircraft spotted a small white speck flying low over the ocean. In the oldest of the three rollers — FLIR1, too, with the infrared system can be seen rapidly accelerating the oval object.

The rollers for the first time published the “new York times” together with the Academy of arts and Sciences “To the stars” — a company founded by the former leader of the band Blink-182 Tom Delonge (Tom DeLonge) for the study of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. In 2017, the employees “To the stars” claimed that the rollers declassified and approved for public viewing.

“All the videos reviewed the relevant body of the Ministry of defense and in accordance with the “Process 1910″ approved for unlimited publishing”, — said the Director of government programs “To the stars” Luis Elizondo (Elizondo Luis). By his own admission, Elizondo in the past worked for the Ministry of defence and head of the Program extended the identification of space threats, “new York times” calls “a mysterious UFO program”. “The process 1910” — request procedure in the Ministry of defence to disclose information.

However, in his statement this week, Pentagon officials called the publication 2017 “unauthorized”. Videos approved only three years later, when they are watched by millions of people. “In the course of thorough analysis, the Ministry found that these videos do not contain classified information, and their publication does not preclude the investigation of unidentified flying objects and their intrusion”, — said the representatives of the Ministry of defence.

(At the time of delivery of the article in print in the U.S. Navy on the request for review did not respond).

Does this mean that the Pentagon finally admitted the existence of aliens? Not at all. First, the “unidentified” in the terminology of war does not mean “extraterrestrial”. It only means that its origin can not explain the military itself — no more and no less. In fact, flight crews regularly see unidentified objects. Can you pilot the little green men? If you have a good imagination, of course. But in practice, things are much mundane — atmospheric illusion, unannounced exercises or shooting companion or just imagined all the tired pilot.

What got into the lens of the Pentagon, is still unclear. As noted in the press release of the Ministry of defense, “air phenomena observed in the videos are characterized as “unidentified””. “It is possible that the flying objects on video planes, but if so, their movement is different from the known models,” the statement reads. Judging by the sound track to one of live 2015, the confusion came from pilots themselves, “well, what the hell is that?” asks one.

Whether it’s evidence of alien activity or even secret military aircraft of another country, the Pentagon would classify these videos faster than you can violite “Law on freedom of information”. But here’s the thing: the defence Ministry has called the videos “unclassified”, not “declassified,” and it’s not the same. It turns out, is a military secret, they were not considered never. “The Pentagon publishes these videos to clear up any doubts about their authenticity and content,” — said in a press release.

Releasing the rollers, the Ministry of defence has just put his seal of approval — and no more. This does not mean that the mystery is solved. “This historic recognition will be followed by seismic shift, the stigma will be removed, and reputable companies will be able to share reliable data for further research — hopes Elizondo. — This decisive step will allow us to gain the trust of the people for many years”.

If you, of course, even though someone you trust.

Daniel Oberhaus, the former editor of Motherboard, a staff member of Wired and author of the book “Alien languages” (Extraterrestrial Languages, 2019).