Trump never asked for Komi to be loyal to him – the lawyer

The President of the United States Donald trump never called the former head of the FBI James Komi to be loyal to him, said Thursday the lawyer of the American President mark Cacovic.

“The President never spoke to Mr. Komi, neither of the words “I need loyalty I expect from you is loyalty,” or other statements that could be interpreted this way”, – reads the statement of the lawyer.

This Kasowitz emphasizes that, in essence, there is nothing wrong to expect loyalty from members of the administration.

“Both before and after the inauguration of the President was very clear that the administration was and is people who are actively trying to place the work of the leadership of the United States, illegally transmitting certain secret information to the press. Mr. Komi is now recognized that it also gave such data to the media”, – stated in the document.

Kasowitz said that the decision of the Komi Republic to transfer the information to the media was “one-sided and secret.”

Earlier Komi, dismissed trump as Director of the FBI, claimed that the President allegedly asked him to be loyal, to which he replied that is ready to honestly do his job. He also said that he once asked a friend to report his conversation with trump in the media. Komi himself explained his behavior to those that were concerned about the statements of the President.

“Although Mr. Komi assured that the staged leak of documents in response to a “tweet” (tramp – ed.), public data show that in fact, “new York times” quoted from these documents in the same tweet,” – said Kasowitz.

“The question of whether to investigate this leak, along with the other data breaches should be addressed to the authorities responsible for such issues”, – concluded the lawyer.