Select the revision openings for washroom

It is, as a rule, not for one year, so the interest in using quality materials that will serve for many years, is very high. Want to see the created interior was beautiful and comfortable.

However, when performing finishing works in kitchens, bathrooms and toilet rooms, boiler houses, etc. the acute question: how to hide all communication and, at the same time, to provide access for maintenance? In a modern home there are a lot of engineering units. Pipes, meters, compressors, valves, boilers – how to ensure free access? Because complete isolation is not allowed due to emergency situations.

Demand creates supply and that the construction market is pleased with the novelty. Audit Euro access panels stealth helped finishers to resolve all the issues related to the masking of technical openings.

Revision hatches under the tile is the most popular design of the Euro access panels (the name “Euro access panels” entered the lexicon along with the term “renovation”). This is due to the fact that the bathrooms are lined with tiles or mosaics, are the main technical units, meters, pipes, compressor, tub, valves, etc.). The hatch consists of a sturdy steel frame, powder painted. That is powder coating ensures the most reliable corrosion protection due to high adhesion uniform coating to the painted surface. The frame is made by argon arc welding.

Hatches invisible under the tiles there are three types.

Front-hinged have in the design of two-loop and open using the suction Cup, which is attached to the facing material as needed, and then removed. This is the most reliable and stable design.

In case the lining material is rough and it is impossible to attach the vacuum suction Cup to hide the recess use a different design of the hatch a push. Frame of this product are also made of steel, massive, with powder coating, but the hatch opens with the lightest touch thanks to special locks. However, we must remember that the pressure hatch is necessary, and it is less reliable in operation than folding, due to the fact that there is a higher load on the loop.

The third design of the hatch sliding. This type of manhole is used in small spaces where there is no possibility to fully open the door structure.

The audit covers the optimal solution of masking the recess and providing them easy access for the repair.