Portrait of the Ukrainian teacher: woman over 40 with a salary of 7000 UAH

The Ukrainian school – a woman’s face. The country has about 440 thousand teachers. Among them, 85% women and 15% men. Earnings Ukrainian teacher depends on length of service and allowances. The minimum salary of a teacher with no experience – 4345 UAH, teacher of the highest category – 7483 UAH. The website “Today” learned, how does the average Ukrainian teacher.

How to earn teacher

The salary of a teacher depends on rates, allowances, rewards for hard work. Therefore, each teacher miscellaneous salary. According to the Ministry of education, the Ukrainian average teacher’s salary with all allowances can be from 4345 UAH at the teacher with no experience to 7483 UAH the teacher of the highest category.

What teachers make:

• work experience: at secondary school – 4345 UAH; in the gymnasium, Lyceum, boarding school – 4807 UAH, in a specialized school – 5323 UAH.

• with work experience from 3 to 10 years in a secondary school – 5136 UAH, in the gymnasium, Lyceum, boarding school – 5663 UAH, in a specialized school – 6340 UAH.

• first category: in school – 6371 UAH, in the gymnasium, Lyceum, boarding school – 7009 UAH, in a specialized school – 7710 UAH.

• highest category: secondary school – 7483 UAH, in the gymnasium, Lyceum, boarding school – 8243 UAH, in a specialized school – 8919 UAH.

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What are teachers from the States is minuscule, says an expert on education “Ukrainian Institute for the future” Nikolay Skiba. These revenues do not allow to live with dignity, to grow as a person. But the teachers are trying to increase income through tutoring. The larger the city the greater the opportunity to provide for themselves.

“Given the opportunity to tutor a teacher in a big city – the middle class. It all depends on initiative. Teachers today can be turned out like,” – said the expert.

The situation should change, a new law “On education”. Teachers promise to gradually increase the salaries of up to three living wages (currently UAH 9600), and allowance of 20% for voluntary certification. For teachers sat in the law provides free housing and transportation. These standards improve financial situation of teachers but also make them dependent on the Cabinet of Ministers and local bodies of authorities, says Skiba.

Ukrainian teachers age

Every fifth teacher in Ukraine – 41-50 years. They are followed by teachers aged 51-60 year – such of 15.56%. Least of all young teachers: 14,8% – 31-40 year olds, 11% of teachers up to 30 years. Young people do not see in the work of the teacher prestige. On teachers do by a residual principle. It is evident in the results of testing with which students come to teacher training institutions.