How to use food to get rid of kidney stones

As emphasized by the staff of non-governmental American organization national Kidney Foundation, in many cases, the appearance of kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) and bladder (urolithiasis) can be avoided by observing a few simple rules.

The water balance of the body. For many people, it is necessary to increase daily amount of fluid intake to 2.5 liters, with at least 50% of all liquid products shall be clean drinking water. On the other hand, mineral water and sweet drinks increase the risk of stone formation in the kidneys and bladder.

Reducing salt intake. Excess salt in the body leads to water retention in the body and the development of dehydration. The total amount of salt consumed during the day should not exceed 2.3 grams. We must remember that the majority of ready food (sausage, chips, canned foods and even bread) contain high amount of salt.

To avoid abuse of beverages containing caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the metabolism in the body and can also cause dehydration, dangerous from the point of view of formation of kidney stones. The daily dose of caffeine should not exceed 400 mg (approximately the amount of this substance contained in four cups of espresso).

Avoid excessive intake of acidic foods (lamb, beef, pork, hard cheeses, eggs, many types of fish). Such products cause acidification of the body, which promotes the formation of kidney stones.

To obtain enough calcium from food. Dietary calcium reduces the risk of developing certain types of kidney stones.

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