What type of gum will help to lose weight: scientists have found

Nutritionists from the University of Rhode island (USA) studied the effects of chewing gum, not containing sugar, came to the following conclusion: the chewing gum increases the flow of energy that promotes natural weight loss.

The nutritionist conducted a study in which volunteers were 35 men and women chewing gum for 20 minutes before Breakfast and 20 minutes before dinner.

It was found that those who chewed gum before lunch, got to 67 fewer calories and did not compensate for this shortcoming during the day.

Also, when chewing gum, people spent 5% more energy.

Subjects men shared the opinion that after chewing gum, they are less acutely aware of the feeling of hunger.

Recall to quickly lose a few extra kilos, nutritionists recommend, first and foremost, go on a proper diet. You must reconsider your diet: to get rid of harmful and unnecessary products that harm health and trigger weight. Instead, the diet should be to add healthy and low-calorie food.