How to get rid of a hangover: TOP-6 right products

The celebrations continue and party magnitude are not uncommon. The holiday was a joy, know how to keep yourself and moderately consume alcohol.

If could not resist and the evening was very fun and the morning was somehow hard, New times publishes the TOP 6 right products that will help you cope with a hangover.

Soup in meat broth

Chicken noodle soup increases the level of sodium in the body and also contains cysteine which helps to restore the liver and remove the headache.


They are rich in potassium, which destroyed the liquor.

Baked with wholegrain flour

Whole grain products consist of complex carbohydrates, which absorb the alcohol. They also contain b vitamins help to prevent hangovers.


Crepes, waffles and pancakes also contain carbohydrates, absorbent alcohol. If you add less oil and sugar, the effect will be even better.


It is rich in vitamins B6 and C, iron and folic acid. This is a useful product that satisfies a craving for fatty unhealthy food and improves after a stormy night.

Vegetarian pizza

The next morning after drinking you can cook or order a vegetable pizza. To take the edge off to get just one or two pieces. It is advisable to soak the pizza in oil.