Scientists have discovered how mood affects the human body

A person’s mood greatly affects the whole body. Studies have shown that if a person during the vaccination against seasonal flu is in a bad mood, the effectiveness of immunization decreases. Employees of the University of Nottingham evaluated several psychological and behavioral factors, in terms of the effectiveness of vaccinations, according to “Orthodox”.

In principle, it was already known that stress and various emotional experiences can affect the immune system. Now scientists have found that these factors still influence the effectiveness of vaccination.


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In the study, researchers evaluated in 138 volunteers mood, physical activity, diet and quality of sleep three times a week for six weeks. All the volunteers had to get the shot.

Next, the researchers tracked the effectiveness of vaccinations (they measure the number of antibodies to influenza). Turned out to be only a good mood was a significant factor influencing the effectiveness of vaccinations. The better the mood, the higher the level of antibodies (fluctuations in the concentrations of antibodies were 8-14%).

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