Individuality in everything! Especially in furniture!

In this situation, you need to pay attention to the details: tables, shelves, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lighting, accessories… the List goes on. But if you want a truly customized, unique space in your building – indispensable will be the designer furniture.

Choose the furniture properly!

Comfort in the home contributes to the desire to return home. Attractive design – the key to a comfortable life. Always in a good mood even in the morning is a harmonious organization of space. Decor designed – functionality and the ease of doing life. To achieve all of this without properly selected furniture is unreal. And to achieve the desired will help design furniture in Kiev from the manufacturer Cube44. What you need to think about before you commit to purchase:

1. Each space requires its interior components: for children’s bed, study – Desk, modern stylish shelf. Plan furniture it is advisable before you decide to place your order. A General idea of what should be everyday objects will allow you to more clearly draw in your mind the future placement of furniture.

2. Style. Every interior area has a number of laws that should be followed. Workshop designer furniture Cube44 specializiruetsya primarily on loft-style. This fresh, modern and stylish direction that allows you to organize the space not only beautiful, but also functional.

3. The choice of color furniture plays a role! And it’s not just about flashy decoration, but about the headset, clearance items, etc. for example, in spacious rooms more impressive is the dark furniture, but small room in need of a visual increase in space, which is better to use light furniture. If you are not sure about their color preferences, but I’m afraid to ruin the space – choose neutral shades and do not regret it.

4. The highlight of the correctly chosen furniture is that it is able to correct the defects of the plan. Just look at the sofa in the loft here. This is the one option that would be appropriate to look in many different places and even in small rooms. Approach well-known Ukrainian designers to the design substantially eliminates the existing disadvantages of the room.

5. Of course, do not forget about the light. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers… need to be chosen also taking into account the overall design of the interior, but keep in mind that light elements combined with furniture.

Workshop designer furniture Cube44 is a stylish everyday objects, well-designed and functional solution designers. To get acquainted with the assortment of goods in the Moscow show-rooms and shops in Ukraine, and an added bonus to Kiev – free shipping.