What dangerous disease can be identified by eyes

Experienced physicians can determine the a huge number of diseases, only by looking into the eyes of the patient. How they do it, and what disease is easy to diagnose according to eye – read below in the material.


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Symptoms that indicate the disease:

  • “Floats” in the eyes of

Sudden blurring “pictures” in the eyes indicates problems with blood flow to the eyes or brain, such as migraine or stroke. In the second case, to prevent serious damage to the brain and vital organs will help immediate medical attention.

  • Bulging eyes

The reason for this symptom is likely to become the thyroid gland, or rather of its hyperfunction (excessive synthesis of hormones). Accompany this symptom can also upset stomach, weight loss, and hand tremor. To pacify thyroid help medication or surgery.

  • The veil before my eyes

Blurred vision and difficulties with visibility in the dark can be a sign of diabetes, which causes increase of sugar level in the blood.

  • Cloudy ring around the cornea

The appearance of the ring on the outer edge of the cornea under the age of 40 years may be a sign of increased level of cholesterol in the body to a critical level. If you have more than 40 years, it is likely that experience is not necessary – is a line of fat, which surrounds the radial surface of the eye and helps the lens to focus.

  • Drooping eyelids

It may be a symptom of myasthenia gravis, which compromises the immune system and relaxes muscles. Also when the disease affects the face and throat – to speak, to chew and swallow becomes increasingly difficult. To relieve the symptoms, you may be offered a blood transfusion and medical therapy.

  • Yellowing of the whites of the eyes

The yellow tinge of the skin and eyes jaundice appears. In particular, it suggests that you have problems with the liver and high bilirubin levels. The reason for this may be malnutrition, alcohol abuse, various infections.

  • Brown dots on the eyelid

The appearance of one or more points on the eyelids may indicate the development of cancer related to the so-called basal-cell epithelioma. You need to see a specialist, because this manifestation of the disease often indicates a high risk of development of malignant tumors.