Ukrainians will have to work until retirement for half of my life

After the adoption of the pension reform, Ukrainians will work the same as in France. These are the results of research of experts of the Economic discussion club (EDK) average length of service for minimum pension in Europe.

STATISTICS. As you can see from the infographic the greatest seniority from the Swedes — more than 41 years. Generally in most Western European countries with a high standard of living accustomed to working longer than in the countries of Eastern Europe. But everywhere the average period of working life greater than 30 years to receive the minimum pension, having experience less than half the average, as we do, we are not even talking. The reason is simple — there are people to pay the pension from the solidarity system, as we do, and everyone saves himself by contributions to Pensford.

According to the research of EDK, the EU period of working life has grown over 10 years (2006 to 2016) at 1.8 years, reaching an average of 35.6 years. While in women it grew faster than men’s for 2.5 years in women (33.1 det) and 1.1 years for men (up to 38 years). Interestingly, Swedish women work more than men in half of the countries of the EU is 40.3 years. And least of all working Italians — only 26.3 per year, which many do not receive pensions.

LIFE. Sociologists say that the more important question is not who but and who how many years of living before and after retirement. In Europe the variance is large: in Italy, people work 37% of the lifespan, and in Sweden — 50% . Thus, according to the UN, the Italians live on average almost a year more than the Swedes 83.1 and 82.2 years respectively. In the UK the average life expectancy of 80.7 years, in Germany — 80,9, France — 82.2 years. In Eastern Europe people live five years less: Hungary — 75.2 years, poles — 77,4, Romania — 74,2. Ukrainians on average live only to 71 years, 12 years less than Swedes.

The average Swede will retire at 65 and will get her another 18 years, the Italian is 67 years and live in retirement for 17 years. But the pole will retire at 65 and enjoy a well-deserved rest just over 12 years. Romanian, and Ukrainian, retiring at 60 years. But by 2030, pensioners in Romania will gradually rise to 65. And while the average Romanian pensioner receives money from the state for over 14 years.

UKRAINE. Ukrainian pensions will pay only 11 years old with the same experience as the Frenchman. If we consider the great difference in lifespan between the two men and women, the situation looks even worse. According to state Statistics, the average Ukrainian lives 10 years less Ukrainka 65.2 years vs. 75,5. Also recall that stronger sex retiring at 60 years, provided he worked for 35 years, and the weak — at 57.5 years, with work experience of 30 years.

It is easy to calculate that the average Ukrainian man “shines” to retire only 5 years of life, and a woman for 18 years. However, from 2021 female part of the population, too, will retire in 60 years. That is, after graduating from school and University, the average Ukrainian has almost the rest of my life (58 years) work, then only 5 years to retirement.

EXPERTS. Demographers say that the situation is not so sad. “The low average age, especially men, due to the fact that many die at a young age from various diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles and high production traumatism, and in recent years more and military action in the East, — told us the employee of the Institute of demography and sociological research of NAS of Ukraine Lyudmyla Cherenko. — But men who have reached pensworth still live 10-12 years or more, and receive a pension. In women this figure is even higher.”

At the same time, sociologist Sergei Steblevskii says that the increase of insurance in Ukraine for a pension will result in the next 10-12 years to a significant reduction in the number of retirees, an increase in the actual pensworth, as many will not be able to earn the necessary experience, and to reduce the pensions of many to the minimum.