Russia will limit the import of eggs and poultry meat from the European Union

The Rosselkhoznadzor warned about the upcoming ban on import of poultry products from some European countries, which recorded high incidence of avian influenza. Restrictions reported by the press-Secretary of Department Yulia Melano, reports “Interfax”. According to her, the list of countries, which will be a constraint includes Austria, UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

In all of these countries, according to Russian authorities, was recorded highly pathogenic avian influenza. Stated that the import ban will be imposed on all types of poultry products, and products containing in its composition products of poultry processing, feeds and feed additives for birds.

As explained in a few words, in connection with the need to import such products to Russia will appeal to the General Directorate of the European Commission with a request to assist in obtaining additional information on the observance of standards controlling the spread of infection. Countries that do not provide the necessary information, will lose the right to supply poultry to Russia. A number of products including poultry meat, already prohibited to supply to Russia in connection with the operation of the food embargo. However, the ban does not apply to the supply of live poultry and hatching eggs.

On 2 February, the Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply to Russia of beef from New Zealand. The ban comes into force from February 6. As explained in Department, the decision was made due to the detection of ractopamine in meat (substance used as a feed additive to increase muscle mass), which is banned in Russia.

February 6, the Rosselkhoznadzor ordered to restrict exports of beef and beef by-products from Belarus. In Russia doubt “the truth of Belarusian origin” of raw materials in some enterprises in Minsk region. The Agency suspects that in Belarus there are fraudulent schemes in the production of beef, when instead of Belarusian meat use Ukrainian raw materials. We will remind, recently Russia without prior notification established border zone at the border with Belarus.